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Transit in Vancouver, BC

From August of 1969 here is my hire photo…. "mug shots" as they called them.

Five years later……

Hard at work behind the wheel of a Brill trolleybus in 1974. Sean Nelson photos.

Operator Counts To A Million

Here is an article from the Spring 1986 Issue of Transit Exchange with a story about Angus. Hank found this as he was going through a box of transit keepsakes.

Present day view. James Pearson photo.
July of 1969, one month before I started training. Note no right side mirror, change dish on dash, courteous gentleman at the rear door holding the "gate" for alighting passengers. Just noticed it is on run 49, and it was a 1949 model Brill. It was retired circa 1982. This photo was taken in Vancouver at Slocan and Kingsway on the 24 line. Here is a photo of the old Blanca Loop. This is very similar to how Vancouver looked on Monday (December 2016). We used to have grooved winter tires on the buses back then, and managed to keep going under rough conditions. Now they just wait for the show plows to clear things up.
The ice storm of 1973, where we did not get back to Oakridge until 6:00 am. Shift pay went into triple time for that day. This is on 22nd Ave. E/B at Slocan, where the street was blocked by a trolley that slid sideways across the street and hit a pole. Shift lever under dash was jammed in forward. People invited us into their homes for something to eat and drink and to use the washroom. That ended at about 11:00 pm, and we were the last buses rescued at 5:15 am. There were four of us, and we were warm and comfy in the Brills.
Wow! What happened here? I took my camera and tripod to work one night, and here we are at the old (Chilco Street) Stanley Park Loop in 1974, with a 1948 Brill trolleybus. In the background, and through the bus, you can see the Stuart Building, which was illegally demolished at 4:00 am a few years later. To obtain this shot, the camera was placed on the tripod, and the shutter was locked open. With all the bus lights turned off, the bus was originally parked at least a bus length further back. The reason for all the sparks, is that this was a passing wire in the loop that was rarely used, and so the curve segments on the trolley wires oxidise, and if you power over them you get some great sparks. I pulled the bus forward, created the sparks, and parked it, turned on all the bus lights, and continued the exposure long enough to capture the image of the bus, but not for too long, as I wanted the Stuart Building to show through. So it was a single exposure, although it looks like a "double exposure".
For Canada's Centennial, B.C. Hydro took an old PSL Brill and converted it into a mobile display bus. Parking lot of Hydro Building on Burrard St. in 1967. Old Look GM on last day of CSL (Columbia Stage Lines) service in New Westminster, 1969.
2289 and 2290 were both ex-Winnipeg Brill trolleybuses put into service in Vancouver in 1971. PNE Parade day rerouting at Hastings and Commercial. I did this several times as overtime. On the extra list it was labelled "utility operator", AKA pole puller. When new Flyer D-700 diesels were bought for Vancouver, they appeared in an all white paint scheme, and ran in PSL service between New Westminster and Vancouver.
GM Fishbowl 3731 on Tenth service to UBC. Transit Museum Society preserved Old Look GM, ex Victoria, B.C. Now the Transit Museum bus. Restored Transit Museum Society Canadian Car Brill 1947 T-44 trolley coach at Oakridge Transit Centre.
Mundie's Towing new tow truck delivering 1954 Brill trolley 2416 to Vancouver Transit Centre in 2015. Newly painted Flyer E-800 trolley bus 2649, dieselised as a de-icer vehicle, on a tour on a damp day in Richmond, B.C. This is still sitting on Highway 3 just west of Princeton. Looks much worse than this now.
New Westminster, B.C. 1937 Vancouver built Hayes "Teardrop". "Wait for me, Daddy" event. 1929 Mack fire engine
in New Westminster.
I drove a Brill trolley the summer of 2015 for a number of tours and events to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the transit system. This is part of the vintage bus collection of the Transit Museum Society. More TRAMS buses at Restored Brill T48A trolley 2416 at Oakridge Transit Centre.

Other Transit Systems

Jackson St. at Alta Plaza Park. Note parked cars have wheels turned to curb. Mission and Main looking towards the harbour. Note now-demolished Embarcadero freeway. As I recall, it did not dewire. Muni in 1977. The only other city to run Fageol Twin Coach trolleys was Detroit.
Uptown theatre is now an exercise centre. Phelan loop. St. Louis TC. Opening standee windows. Pre: re-build of system. Note track. And bell-bottom pants!
1939 White bus. Last used on the Coit Tower shuttle. Water bumper does not help appearance. In May of 2016 I drove the Transit Museum Society's Flyer D-40 for a neighbourhood event. The Dunbar area of Vancouver where I live has a month-long May festival of walks, talks and a tour. We travelled over the Oak Street Bridge, and through the Massey Tunnel into Delta, and visited farms on Westham Island. The Westham Island bridge is a single lane, swing span bridge that still opens for river traffic. It is over one hundred years old, and the view here shows the bus with Westham Island in the background. Two weeks ago (July 2017), trolleybuses on route 19 Stanley Park/Kingsway loading at Metrotown Station Loop. "Vanna", as Flyer 2242 was known, demonstrated in Seattle and Edmonton.
I took these in Davis, California, in October of 1975. The students at the University of California Davis started their own transit service with British double deckers. I met some of the founders of the system back in the mid-70s. Love that Kodachrome red colour! Not sure if the old-look GM is ex-Sacremento or not.

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