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My all time fav truck, the Kenworth W900L. This one here is a local of the neighborhod. With a tanker trailer on its back,this truck works for yet another company I've never heard of, Bork Transport out of Illinois. Not sure what they haul but it looks like grease or something. He's sitting on Superior Ave, a block from Forrest Hills and Terrance Aves in East Cleveland in January 2006.
A lone unmarked Freightliner Columbia. I couldn't begin to tell you who owns this rig. could be owner op. anyway, I got him stopping at a light on Superior Ave in East Cleveland from the vantage point of Superior Rapid Station platform. Date's January 2006.
This one here is one of my last truck pics of 2005,getting him on a rather soggy early December morning. rolling down I think Union Ave on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio comes this rather aged Freightliner FL Series. He's pulling a tri axle low boy with a Komotsu Track loader going for a ride. These kinda clunker trucks are all over the place here in Cleveland and can be spotted pulling everything from Woodchip trailers to crushed cars on flatbeds.
Old and New, an updated Freightliner Columbia for Hiner Transport. Right beside it is an older but still rather new Freightliner Columbia series. The company I'm not sure of. Photo taken at the TA Central West of Ashtabula, Ohio on January 2006.
A Peterbilt 385 Got'em at a truck stop just West of Ashtabula, Ohio on I-90. I didnt catch the name but when the bus pulled up,he was dumping a load of fuel into the station's tanks. Got'em on an early January morning of 2006.
I'm beginning to think these belong to TA ( Travel America Truck Stops). He's just camped out all snow covered. Same truck as above, a Peterbilt 385 day caber. Shot at the same time as the one above also, January 2006.
Pulling into the same TA Center as the truck above comes this Internation Eagle for USA Truck. These rigs are everywhere! caught at the same time as the ones above, January 2006.
Found these guys just chill'in at a local truck stop about 20 miles or so west of Ashtabula,Ohio on I-90. I was coming back from Buffalo on Greyhound when the bus stopped at this location for a breakfast break. Looking from left to right,a white Freightliner Columbia for LTI, a nice looking Kenworth T2000 for a company im not sure of the name and an unmarked and rather used Freightliner FL series pulling a Ryder rental trailer. All taken on a cold January morning of 2006.
Same parking lot outside Home Depot. This time its a Volvo 430 or 630? it's new and it rolls for TMSI Logistics. I beleive this company is out of Canada. West 117th street in Cleveland,Ohio is the location, January 2006 being the date of photo snappage.
Sitting in a Home Depot parking lot in Cleveland,Ohio comes this FreightLiner FL series for ATS Inc. I don't know anything about this company and the truck itself is a first timer to the lot. Many trucks park here,since I-77 is just 5 blocks away. The street is West 117th and the date is January 2006.
One of my first truck photos with my ole digi-cam. This here's a mid 90s Mack RD688S Mixer. It works for TECH of Cleveland, Ohio, who paints there trucks in very nice schemes. One truck, like this one, is painted in an odd lite brown with dark brown "tiger" stripe scheme. He's now off loadin a cement load on Euclid Ave in University Circle complex in Cleveland,Ohio. Date is July,2005.
This here is a pic of a very nice and clean Peterbilt 379. It works for Osborn and Son,which I've never heard of nor seen in my life. I don't know much about this company but it looks like a very good company by looking at the truck. I got him sitting at the light at the intersection of Euclid Ave (which he's on) and Superior Ave in East Cleveland, Ohio. Date,January 2006.

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