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I was fortunate to acquire this collection of pictures taken by Barry Sowerby through John White from Pro-Truck Magazine. Pro-Trucker Magazine is a Western Canadian trucking magazine with subscribers throughout Canada and the US. Barry had shipped a huge box of prints to Pro-Trucker Magazine, but the magazine were not able to do anything with them so they offered them to me. I will never refuse truck pictures, so I accepted the offer. The box was dropped off at our home and in a few weeks I went to work and scanned almost 2000 prints to put on my web site under the Barry Sowerby Collection. I had envisioned this collection to take months to complete, but I got into a great workflow and I had managed to scan all the pictures and articles in just over a week. The longer process was editing the scanned pictures and get them ready for a web site.

Barry really had the prints organized in a good way. So as I scanned the pictures I organized them the same way that Barry had. This made it easier for me later too when creating web pages and titles for each page. Each page title was the note that was on each package of pictures that Barry had set up.

I’m a west coast boy, so many of the company logos never reached to the west. So if you see some that I have marked as “unidentified”, please help me out and email me with the correct company name. And of course if I made a mistake in the captions, I would appreciate the correction.

Thank you so much Barry Sowerby for taking all these pictures. Even though they are only up to about 20 years old, many of the companies are no longer in business, so your work is a great historical record of truck traffic. Thank you too for shipping the pictures to Pro-Trucker Magazine and thank you John White for getting the pictures to me.

Since the Barry Sowerby collection has been on the web site, I have heard from many people telling me how much they are enjoying the collection. One person said to me that it is the best collection on my web site. Hmm. It really is a great collection.


Hank Suderman

Hank’s Truck Pictures

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Readers' Digest Article and Pictures
     Last Updated on : January 30, 2010

Business Trends Article - Jack Dunlop Transport
Business Trends Article and Pictures
     Last Updated on : March 21, 2010

Last Updated on : March 21, 2010
Page 1 - Pictures Taken between July 1984 and May 1985
Page 2 - Pictures Taken during May 1985
Page 3 - Pictures Taken during June 1985
Page 4 - Pictures Taken Between June and July 1985
Page 5 - Pictures Taken Between July and August 1985
Page 6 - Pictures Taken During August 1985 and Janurary, February and March 1986
Page 7 - Pictures Taken During March and April 1986
Page 8 - Pictures Taken During April 1986
Page 9 - Pictures Taken During May and Spring 1986
Page 10 - Pictures Taken During May - June - July 1986
Page 11 - Pictures Taken During June - July 1986
Page 12 - Pictures Taken During July - August 1986
Page 13 - Pictures Taken During August 1986
Page 14 - Pictures Taken During September - October 1986
Page 15 - Pictures Taken During September - October 1986
Page 16 - Pictures Taken During October- November - December 1986
Page 17 - Pictures Taken During January - February - March 1987
Page 18 - Pictures Taken During April 1987
Page 19 - Pictures Taken During April - May 1987
Page 20 - Pictures Taken During May - June 1987
Page 21 - Pictures Taken During June 1987
Page 22 - Pictures Taken During June - July 1987
Page 23 - Pictures Taken During July - August 1987
Page 24 - Pictures Taken During August - September 1987
Page 25 - Pictures Taken During September 1987
Page 26 - Pictures Taken During September - October 1987
Page 27 - Pictures Taken During December 1987 and January - March 1989
Page 28 - Pictures Taken During March - April - May 1989
Page 29 - Pictures Taken During May - June - July - August - September 1989
Page 30 - Pictures Taken During August 1983
Page 31 - Pictures Taken Between May and November 1985
Page 32 - Pictures Taken Between 1984 - 1989
Page 33 - Pictures Taken Between May 1984 and December 1987
Page 34 - Pictures Taken Between May 1988 and November 1989
Page 35 - Pictures Taken Between April 1985 and November 1989
Page 36 - Pictures Taken Between November 1989 and October 1990
Page 37 - Pictures Taken Between March and September 1990
Page 38 - Pictures Taken Between September 1990 and August 1991
Page 39 - Pictures Taken Between October 1993 and June 1994
Page 40 - Pictures Taken Between July 1994 and June 1995
Page 41 - Pictures Taken Between January 1996 and April 1996
Page 42 - Pictures Taken During August 1983, April 1985, June 1985 and October - December 1996

Miscellaneous Truck Pictures
Miscellaneous Pictures
     Last Updated on : March 21, 2010

Captions will come as I have time.

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