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J.E. McHugh based out of Seattle, Washington

Diamond T taken on Dearborn Street in Seattle, WA. An old International dump came from Grand Coulee Dam it is either an A8 or A10. Jim McHugh standing beside a Dodge truck.
Ford Twins #14 and #15 and Joe standing beside the first truck. Dan Rankin standing beside one of the Ford twins.
These Twin Fords were a driver's nightmare to drive! It had 2 throttles 2 clutches 2 main box levers 2 two speed levers, You could rock your foot on the throttles and pull one engine as you shifted the other, He bought them as dump trks. and took them off and put on 5th wheel. Dan Rankin, pictured above, he still has a rig of his own, out of Post Falls, Idaho, He was the one guy that could drive that Twin real good!!
Roy Conner standing beside a Dodge semi. In the background you can just make out a Mobil sign. This was Dec 24th 1943 at Bay View Airport North of Mt. Vernon WA. That is Bernard standing by the trailer. McHugh never used 2 rigs when he could get it on 1 rig!! It took me all day to get to Seattle with that poor little 100 horse Federal! One of the same low bed tying the load down.
Old 1937 Kenworth at a parade in Usk, WA.

Nickle Plate Line
Bernard went to work for Nickle Plate Line in 1944 and stayed there for 14 years. Nickle Plate Line operated between Seattle, WA and Porland, OR. Nickle Plate sold to Silver Eagle Ffreight Line in the 50's.

Nickle Plate Line Federal semi taken at Portland, OR. Nickle Plate Line Federal straight truck taken at Portland Terminal. Nickle Plate Line Federal straight truck and trailer.
Nickle Plate Line Kenworth taken at the Junction Cafe. Bill Berner and some Nickle Plate Line Kenworth trucks. Nickle Plate Line Kenworth semi.
Nickle Plate Line #306

Here is an old semi bus that used to go thru Burien, WA in the 40's.

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