Bill Bedell Collection
William F. Bedell
December 3, 1949 - January 29, 2014
Resided in West Allis, WI -
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1957 Autocar that was leased to Hanefeld Bros Trucking of Burnett,Wi. The photo was taken in Milwaukee, WI in 1965 while delivering to the stockyards in the Menomonee Valley. This was an owner operator Autocar is leased with Frozen Food Express and the Photo is taken near the stockyards in Milwaukee, WI 1965 This was taken at the Chicago and Northwester RR yard at Butler,Wi a suberb of Milw. The truck was owned by Hennes Trucking of Milwaukee photo taken July of 1994.
Unidentified carrier, the photo was taken at a truck stop on the Belt Line in Madison, WI in Oct of 1965. Mack B61 is a 1965 owned by Sid Kamp taken in Ill. It was at the same truck show as the Hendrickson. 1965 Hendrickson1 is owned by a Buckey Buchanon here in southern Wis. As far as we know it is the only one that still exists of four or six of this model ever built by Hendrickson. It was at a truck show in Oswego,ill Sept of 2003.
This Peterbilt is owned by a Mr. Kenney I believe from Mass. It was taken at the Richfield truck stop northwest of Milwaukee,Wi in the fall of 2002. The Peterbilt is operating for SGV Sander delivering produce here in Milwaukee Feb. of 2004. This Pete leased to Fairway Transit at Waukesh, WI was photographed at the big truck show and parade in Waupun, WI August 9, 2003.
Nice Pete for Georgies Trucking loading salt on Jones Island at the lake front in Milwaukee, WI August 22, 2003.
A mixer for Vulcan Materials out of Chicago and photographed there in 1970. A very well kept 92 for Jessup Leasing and Cartage of Milwaukee now use as a yard and around town truck. Another heavy hauler, this one is operated by R&J transportation of Manitowoc,Wi and photographed at their yard in Manitowoc August 8,2004.
A Peterbilt conventional for Kreilkamp Trucking out of Eden,Wi taken in Milwaukee with a loading from Jones Island at the lake front. An Emeryville for Donner Packing out of Milwaukee and taken there in 1963. I was to ride in this truck when I was in high school. The Peterbilt restoration at Peterbilt of Wisc at Waukesha,Wi Sept of 89 for the 50th aniversery.
I believe is 1970 Pete leased to Altim Transportaion and taken at Fondulac, WI June of 91. This is a 1971 for Hanefeld Bros. of Burnett, Wi taken at the Trucker's Jamboree and parade at Waupun, Wi Aug 8,1992 I found this Pete at the old Felle truck stop in Milwaukee,Wi in Oct. of 1967. It was leased to Pirkle.
The Crouse Cartage truck at the Walcott Iowa 80 show on July 14,1990. This C model Mack was running for Land O Lakes Dairys and was photographed in Sheyboygan, Wi. in April of 1977. Mack G model taken in Milwaukee in March of 1972 and owned by J & D rentals
FWD dump truck at Jones Island in Milw. It has a very fresh bright orange paint job. Who's? I believe it is owned by the old Advance Boiler Co. I believe it is a mid 70s Tractiloneer. Photo taken April 10, 04. Freightliner for Butterfield taken in Milwaukee on May 8, 04. It is unloading preformed concrete pieces for flooring in new condos at Milwaukee's lakefront. KW from the Rich Grant fleet at Milwaukee's produce district. I am so glad to see they have started getting straight hoods again. Photo taken May 22, 04
An early 50 GMC tractor trailer cattle rig taken at a truck show in Mt. Morris, Ill. on July 5, 2003. Another truck show rig, this time at the Truckers Jamboree and parade in Waupun, Wi. August 8, 2004. The truck is from the fleet of Jerry Rens from Brandon, Wi.. I found this truck at the truck stop in Richfield, Wi. Sept. 17, 2001. The truck ran for L.C.K. Transport of Merrill, Wi. I'm not a big coe fan, but I like this one, no aerodynamics and I love the long wheelbase.
I found this B model mack water truck on a construction site in Oak Cree, Wi. on the south side of Milwaukee in July of 1989. The truck is part of the Oakes and Sons Grading C. from Racine, Wi. This nice looking tractor belongs to Soren H Miller of Delafield, Wi. The reefer trailer was in the shop getting some attention while I got this portait in front of the Trailmoble in Milwaukee, Wi. on May 14, 2004 Freightliner for Don Waldron tkg taken in Milwaukee on Jones Island at the lake front after delivering a load of corn to Nidera Grain Dec of 92
KW W900 for Badger Freight Systems of West Allis, a western suburb of Milwaukee. It was built new as a tow truck for exclusive company use. It was not for hire. KW for Customer Services photographed in old world 3rd st. in down down Milwaukee in Janruary of 93. A Peterbilt for Dempsey Farms out in a field waiting to be loaded with corn to the grain elevator at the Milw. lakefront. It was photographed near Eagle, Wi Oct 17, 2003.
This is one of eight Peterbilts leased by Universal Foods at their Milw, Wi plant of Red Star Yeast. Photographed in Milw in August of 1978. This KW is one of the last trucks I lensed. It was at a warehouse in downtown Milwaukee near the Amtrak station in February of 1973 This Peterbilt quad axle dump with the front end loader makes a nice photo with the marble effect in the "Blue Chip" Morton salt pile. The salt comes into Milwaukee on lake freighters and is moved to other locations on Jones Island at Milwudee's lake front. I wish I could remember who the truck was leased to. It was taken in Milwaukee in May of 1974.
Another rare FWD semi tractor. I found this FWD sitting in Le Center,Mn in Sept of 1987 on the way back from an old truck show near Rochester,Min. I came across this FWD rig for Heus Metergas in Scheboygan,Wi in the late 60s. I didn't see many FWDs as semi tractors, quite rare! I bought this Superliner Mack in early August of 1979 and had leased to Starline Tkg of New Berlin,Wi west of Milwaukee, it was the third Superliner sold out of the Milwaukee dealership. I was unloading salt at the salt shed in Portage,Wi in Oct of 79 when I took the photo of it.
This Autocar was owned by construction contractor James Peterson and Sons of Medford,Wi. The photo was taken on a state road project in Mukwonago,Wi on 5/23/02 Here is a photo I took at the 76 truckstop at Oakcreek on the south side of Milwaukee in May of 1972. It is a fairly rare cabover road tractor leased to Spector Motor Freight. This KW is owned by Griebel tkg of Ill. It is a 1945 model that was still being used in lumber hauling in the northwest if memory serves eight years before this photo was taken at a trucks show at Maggio Towing in Rockford,Ill May 18 of 2002.
This late 70s Kenworth owned by Dan Manesis Trucking of West Allis on the west side of Milwaukee,Wi. I photographed it at the Port of Milwaukee waiting to load a crate of machinery bound for the addition of the Wisconsin Electric Plant in Oak Creek,Wi in May 5 of 2007. Manesis trucking is a heavy haul operation with some very unique and interesting equipment. I found this great looking Peterbilt delivering a load to Anthony Gagliano Produce in Milwaukee,Wi on July 8 of 2006.

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