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Barry's Western Star hauling for Kingsley Trucking. Bob's Western Star hauling for Kingsley Trucking. Bob's and Jeff's Western Stars both hauling for Kingsley Trucking.
Kingsley Trucking Western Star
with a tridem China
Kingsley Trucking Western Star Kingsley Trucking Western Star with Super China
This fine looking Kenworth once hauled chip B-Trains for Chambers, now it belongs to Terry Novak of Qualicum Beach and he hauls for Kingsley Trucking. Another Kingsley Trucking Western Star with tridem China
Penta's ex-MZ tractor Lyon's ride, a Kenworth T800
J Harris of Wight & Sons - Western Star Ken's Mack CH and B-Train curtain side Another Ray Peters Western Star
Wight & Sons Ford LTL9000 Wight & Sons Western Star Ray Peters Trucking Freightliner FLB
Ryler Bulk Western Star with a mixed B-Train load Ryler Bulk and B.W. Freightliner tractor Ryler Holdings Volvo
Kingsley Trucking Freightliner FLD Royal Pacific Freightliner FLD Tutt Transport Kenworth
Taiga Forest Products Peterbilt
Jeff of Wight & Sons Jim of Wight & Sons Wight & Sons tractor ex-WB
Neil from Fedun Trucking Ryler Bulk Carriers' Truck of TZ Visscher Transport Peterbilt
M.F. Freightliner Classic for Ryler Bulk Carriers D.T. of Ryler Bulk Carriers Ryler`s B.W. Freightliner
Lyon`s original truck for Penta Transport M.D. Freightliner for Penta Transport Kingsley Trucking Western Star unit K 1
Penta Transport Volvo M.Z. Freightliner for Ryler Bulk Carriers. George`s truck for Ray Peters Trucking, ex B.W. Freightliner
Ray Peters Trucking newest addition Wight & Sons W.B. 600hp Volvo Taiga Forest Products Freightliner
Another view of the Taiga Forest Products Freightliner Taiga Forest Products Peterbilt topping up Taiga Forest Products truck exiting
Ray Peters International Nicholson Ventures newest Western Star
Buursma's Freightliner Argosy inbound Wight & Sons Freightliner cabover Wight & Sons Western Star
These photos are from a custom job of 56` and less being prepared to be shipped over to Vancouver, then overseas to be made into "bridge masts" for sailing ships via Bob at Kingsley Trucking. The trailer, I believe, is a 48' or 53' tridem. Ted of Ryler's Peterbilt hard at it.
Al`s newest truck from Royal Pacific Cobra Trucking #6 Gary driving this Mack
Rob from Penta Transport Dwaine of Ackerman Trucking Dave from Ray Peter`s Trucking
Dale from Protrux Comox Valley Volvo Nicholson Western Star #31
Trans Isle Kenworth with a load of heat treated stock A newer Trans Isle Freightliner Mike D. of Protrux
Oceanside Volvo working for Wight & Sons Marty D. of Wight & Sons
Mike D. of Penta Transport Trans Isle Western Star
Rick J's Peterbilt from GT Systems
Cobra Trucking #32 Darren for Ipex
Hyline Peterbilt Penta's new Mack Vision
Warren for Ackerman W.B. for Connect Transport
Cobra #33 2000 Mack Gary's new Mack Vision for Cobra
Dave driving this Western Star for Kingsley Mike L. Volvo for Ryler Peter M. for Ryler
Ipex 1998 Kenworth COE crane truck driven by Darrin Load King tridem of Ipex Darrin`s ride Nicholson's trucks.
Gord P. Volvo fro Connect Transport. Ray Peters addition of 94 Volvo and new Load Kings Super B`s Joe Hutton's Ford for Ray Peters.
Corey from Protrux with this Mack Vision Mack Vision for Ryler
John's new Mack Vision for Penta Transport
Mike D. and his Mack Vision and the new Penta trailers. Transisle Western Star
Mack Vision driven by Gord from Newtrux
Newtrux Western Star owned by M.R.
Penta # 26....Lucky is the driver of this new Mack
Two of Ray Peters Trucking rides.... 2003 Western Star owned by Mike Robertson
More shots of Mike Robertson's Western Star. Mike hauls for Himmerhaul Services
The truck is a Kingsley lease op, Brad. Notice the new Doepker trailers!!
This is Diana, working for a lease op out of Wight & Sons trucking.

A quick note that Diana,is in her 1st year of commercial driving, driving this 600 HP Volvo, and is now venturing into driving logging trucks. She has already started driving here on the island on her non-work days, and hauling logs from the tops of the Islands "Nose bleed" logging shows.

Boomer from Ryler Bulk with a new Volvo
Chris N. from T. Buursma Contracting
Chris N. from T. Buursma Contracting Lease operator for T. Buursma Contracting
Dean from T. Buursma Contracting Cobra lease operator - ex John M. truck
Ron from Newtrux This is Tony ..from Ryler Bulk
This is Ron driving a Lease op truck for Ray Peters Trucking ,out of Chemainus, BC I had the opportunity to have a ride with Ray Peters Trucking deliver some culvert. As you can see,this is not the place for a highway hauler,but he other truck was in the shop. The trip involved a 22% grade to climb up, but even MORE challenging,was the 22% decent after being empty,with no weight on the truck.!

This is Mr Jones of Duncan BC. He now drives for Active Disposal out of Duncan. This truck is brand new, and works the southern island area (to my knowledge).
This is Dave S.,from Kingsley Trucking new ride. He used to run a old Frieghtliner conventional, and just purchased this truck. I believe it is `02 Argo,with a 550 HP baby under it,and 46,000 rears. It is optioned out except for the slide out stairs.
My ol Friend Mike,with his new `06 Western Star. The weather was too damp and wet to get some better photos,but this is a truck with some "clean" lines,with min chrome and stainless.

These pictures are from the Al Fraser Collection. He owned all these trucks at individual times.
Freightliner cabover used to be in Ray Peters fleet...Wayne Kernagans old truck

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