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Grandpas 1965 352 cabover peterbilt .It had a 335 cummins and a 5 speed tranny and a 4 speed brownie and general logging gear. it was a quick change long logger short logger as were most all of his trucks over the years . He was a career owner operator here on the oregon and california coast.

This is my grand parents the start of a trucking family

This was (Buget Buster) the very first brand new truck my Grandpa ever bought it was all Mack. The truck had a 290 Cummins, a Mack duplex tranny and a 4 speed brownie.

1964 freightliner 262 cummins this truck was origanally a single head light truck and you can see in the pictures was converted to double head lights.
This truck was well used it was a long logger, a short logger and also a fifth wheel truck used to pull a chip trailer

This was his 58 Mack not much was remebered about this truck. It was used as a long logger and short loggeras well as a flatbed truck and trailer.

This was "Uncles Servant." It also was a long logger and short logger.

This was "Big Stinker" before the new paint . That is my Dad on the step, Bradley A. Jones

These are the Kenworth's Grandpa owned

Miscellaneous truck pics. Same trucks different photos

I don't remember what the yellow GMC had for a motor just that it was a gas pot and it moved his (Grandpa's) crawlers around on the three axle trailer.

The blue ten yard dump truck had a 6v71 and pulled his crawlers around on the two axle trailer.
He tipped it over while spreading rock for a dairy rancher.

This grey KW A model was a family friend Owner/operator (Ed Mclosky) It had a 1693 Cat. He also drove this blue B model.
The black Freightliner was the very first truck my Dad (Bradley A. Jones) ever bought. It was a 78 or 79 400 Cummins 13 speed and four spring suspension, and a 1989 Western flatbed .
The 352 Peterbilt was the last truck my Grandpa (Art E. Jones) drove before retiring . It had a 1693 Cat on air leaf and a Ravens flatbed. And the other I don't have any knowledge of they were in Grandpa's photo album.

These pictures are of my brother Levi's truck it was first green with black fenders and in 2009 he painted it black and white . It is a 1997 Peterbilt 379 extended hood with a 525 Cummins and a direct 15 it's got 1.2+ million miles on the engine. It sarted its life as a highway truck spec'ed out and bought by my dad Bradley A. Jones . And later sold to a family friend Marty Perry and later bought back by Levi and turned into a quick change log truck . long logger/shortlogger and fifth wheel truck
This is my friends truck that I drive on occasion . It is a 1997 379 extended hood Peterbilt with a Cat 3406 455 ,18 speed tranny 404 rears with one locker on Air Trac. The trailer is a 1979 Whit-log with newer 8'6" bunks and updated from air scales to Vulcan electric scales. The load was a load of Pine that was borrowed from Eastfork Lumber just for the 2009 Coos County Parade. Trucking Trees For the Kids.
Future truckers Me Brad(tattooed) and my brother Levi (left)
This was a truck my Friend Rick drove. It is a 1999 Pete 379 extended hood with a 600 , Cat 18 speed , 46,000 lbs. rears with double lockers and it was a quick change long logger short logger . The short log trailer was a Whit-log stick trailer.
This is Curt Swewart's '79 359 Pete it has a mechanical N-14 ,13 speed tranny and 40,000 lbs. Eatons on walking beam . It is a quick change long logger , dump truck and fifth wheel truck, the trailer is a '88 34' General belly dump . Curt also owns the '97 that i drive in the county parades. the pictures with the belly dump are taken at my father in laws dairy ranch I hauled him some rock for his new barn one fall after noon.

These are trucks that hauled logs for the logging outfit I work for
The turquoise Pete is Curt Stewart (again) and the green Western Star was a DRS truck . It had a Cat motor. This blue Mack is C&C trucking out of Coos Bay Oregon. All I know of Charlie's truck is that it was all Mack .
This is a company truck that I drive for King Logging . It is a 2008 Kenworth T-800 with a 485 ISX Cummins , 18 speed and 46,000 lbs. double locking rearends and a 2004 Whit log trailer.
This black and white Pete is my brother Levi's truck Photos taken from the 2010 Coos County Parade
Some pictures of the truck I drive for Chuck Bracelin Trucking
2004 379 Peterbilt and a 2005 Whit-Log trailer
2004 379 Peterbilt and a 2005 Whit-Log trailer
1960 Diamond T 920D owned by Chuck Bracelin

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