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This my father's first truck a 1981 International 4300 Taken in ontario with a rare trailer only 2 in fleet. My father's truck number was 14032. The same truck owned by Albert McBean, Montreal broker. Albert McBean at Irene's Truck Stop Highway 11
Albert McBean old truck sitting bedside new truck at the International dealership new truck had just arrived 1997 International Eagle 9370 model truck #14731 Taken December 2006 just leaving the paint shop with a brank new 2007 International owner Albert McBean
Albert McBean picking up his brand new 1999 International from the paint shop. Albert had two trucks on with Kingsway for about 3 years. Taken summer 1999 December 2006 Albert's 1st trip to Winnipeg with the new truck, sitting beside cabover Mack Leon Houle Montreal broker Sitting at home at Lennoxville Quebec
Albert McBean's International with a nice looking trailer summer 1997 in Sault St-Marie Albert McBean's International pulling a 4 axle trailer Truck 14944 sitting at home in Lennoxville Quebec
Truck 14944 pulling in to Kingsway montreal driver Robert Rogers Summer 2000 both truck sitting at home Both trucks sitting at the International dealership around Christmas 2000
Albert McBean and Allen Nixon Montreal brokers Allen Nixon's new truck sitting in Kingsway's Winnipeg yard
Constant Fortier Montreal broker
Ross Storey Thunder Bay broker taken leaving Toronto Kingsway Ross Storey in Thunder Bay Ontario George Phillips Toronto broker
John Zeppick Thunder Bay broker taken in White River Ontario while switching trailers. Mike, Montreal broker taken in Sault St-Marie Ontario Taken in Kingsway Winnipeg yard
Jack Allen Thunder Bay broker The big K was gone, Motorways stickers took there place
John Zeppick Thunder Bay broker's old Freightliner Albert McBean with a very rare flatbed load Albert's truck sitting beside a big loader

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