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East-Penn Trucking Company Diamond Reo Royale. This was Diamond Reo's final cabover model. There were produced in 1974/75 and photographed in 1985. They were still quite common in Pennsylvania at that time. They are rarely seen today. Delaware Container Co. Inc. Diamond Reo Royale. Taken in 1985. A Ranger conventional Diamond Reo Raider, also shot in 1985. This is an axle-forward version of the final Diamond Reo and again dates from around 1974.
Late 60's/early 70's Kenworth "W" model operated by Vitalis Truck Lines. This style of paint stripe was popular on these Kenworths. The photo is by Neil Sherff J&J Services Mack G model. This model was introduced in the 1950's and featured an aluminum cab. This was shot near Elkton, Maryland in 1985. The Service Transport Mack model B70. SOme of the the B70 series Macks used a larger cab derived from the earlier L model conventionals. This photo is by Neil Sherff.
Coastal Tank Lines Mack model H. The H model Mack was first produced in the 1950's. Chemical Tank Lines Mack model H. P. Maurischat Fruit & Produce Mack model H. This H-67 was still running in 1985.
Sunbury Transport Ltd. Chevrolet Titan 90, a badge-engineered model of GMC's Astro 95. Chevrolet first offered these in 1970. This photo is by Russ MacNeil.
AS Trans Systems Hayes cabover. This is a Canadian-built Hayes cabover. It was rare, even in 1985 when Dick shot this picture. Note, that like the Brockway of the period, it used the F model Mack cab.
Eazor Express, Inc. Mack model R. Yellow Chev Bison. Yellow Chev Bison.
Yellow Kenworth cabover from the 70's. An imported Ford "Cargo" shot in 2000. An International Transtar 400 (produced in the late '60's/early 70's). This was found at Jessup, Maryland in 1985. This model used the cab from the DCO-405 Emeryville, with a fibreglass hood.
Hendrickson tractor from the 1970's. The cab on this model (and most Hendricksons) was sourced from International.
Western Star heavy haulage rig.
Steubenville Transfer Sterling cabover. This is a chain-driven Sterling from the late 1940's. The cab was built by the Thiele Body Co. of Johnstown, PA. Long-nose Dodge coventional. About thirty of these were built for Clark Transport in 1971. This one has been rebuilt with angular fenders and rectangular headlamps. These trucks originally were styled much like the A-7 model FWD's seen elsewhere on Hank's site. Roadway Freightliner sleeper

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