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O'Brien Laminates Freightliner Argosy from Mosgiel over here in New Zealand.The photo was taken at the Invercargill truck show which is down the bottom of the south Island of New Zealand. This Freightliner Argosy is 110" Hi roof 6x4 and has a Cummins 620 Signature engine. Volvo FH12 from Peter Baker Transport based all through out NZ.
Tulloch Transport Freightliner Argosy from Mataura Mitsubishi for Tulloch Transport from Mataura.
Central Southland Freightliner is an FLB and has a CD player, DVD player and tv in the sleeper Central Southland Scania 143m 450 runs general freight from Invercargill to Christchurch twice daily which is about a 1200 km round trip. Central Southland Western Star
Central Southland International 7600 belongs to a mate of mine who takes me for a drive in the school holidays. He usually carts tanks full of palm oil to Christchurch, but during the middle of the year when he's not on tanks he carts general freght over the South Island. Central Southland 1994 Scania 143M 500 used to be my mates but he now drives the International. The truck carts General Freight around the bottom half of the South Island. New Vale coal truck is a brand new truck and colour scheme for New Vale as they used to be green and yellow. The truck is an Izuzu CXZ 400
NZ Courier Post Izuzu CXH belongs to a contractor of courier post who works out of Dunedin.It has 460 horse power and has a really cool graphic on each side and on the fog lights.(powered by 460 angry Hamsters) Fast Post Volvo FH12 460 contracts to Fastway and works out of Karitane which is where Gwyneth Paltrow went to film some movie this year.
Kenworth T604 with a 600 Ccat engine belongs to Dixon of Invercargill. Western Star belongs to Dixon of Invercargill and has a Cat engine This Freight Haulage Volvo FM12 carts containers to ports and in the south that's either Bluff port or Port Chamlbers in Dunedin
Peterbilt belonged to Heathstock Haulage. But they went out of business about 3 weeks ago (October 2004). The truck is a 1997 Peterbilt 8X4 with a C-12 Cat engine shoving out 430 horse power. It also has a Rockwell RT 40-145 Hedleys Volvo FH12 Hauls stock or any form of animal around NZ. They operate out of Lumsden. This Kenworth belongs to Jim Bates a local contractor from Invercargill. It also won King rig.
This Kapuka Foden Alpha works whta we like to call the back country and takes them to the freezing works where they are processed. Mack CH from Niagara Sawmilling Company works out of Invercargill at a place called Kennington. Ryal Bush International 2700 carts stock all around the South Island
This McDowall ERF EC11 came into the country as a 6X4 and was then cut off behind the cab and converted into a 8X4 and put on the road. McDowall's Kenworth is a K100G and carts freight. Based in Browns which is about a 30 minute drive from Invercargill. This McDowall Western Star carts a B-train carting fregiht throughout NZ and have many depots all over NZ.
This Te Anau Bulky also works the Back blocks spreading fertilizer all over the south's farms. The runner up of the truck show was this stunning Foden Alpha which works for Te Anau Bulk Haulage.
Southland Machine Hire Scania Carts heavy machinery to wherever it has to be carted. The Black Cat belongs to Tullochs Transport of Mataura. The Truck is a Fregihtliner Century and carts milk throughout the south Island. The last two axles of the trailer are self steering so it's a little bit different. Izuzu From Tulloch Transport carts logs from remote lcoations in the south to wherever they are being processed.
This Kenworth is powered by a cummins M11 It is owned by Allied petroleum in Christchurch who contact to Mobil.The photo was taken at a truck yard in Gore NZ. This Kenworth 601 works for Dynes Transport in Tapanui.It carts a B-train around the south Island. This Kenworth logger from Dynes transport in Tapanui has a detroit series engine.this photo was also taken at the truck yard in Gore NZ.
This black Kenworth used to be owned by Marsh Transport carting mollasses for agri-feeds but is now owned by Dynes transport it just has to be painted. This Freightliner Argosy is owned by Tulloch Transport and carts logs to the sawmills over the South Island. This Tulloch Transport Freightliner from Mataura has a Detroit Series 450 engine,which carts stock all through NZ.

Most of these were taken at the Port in Timaru, and some were taken at the Edendale factory where we unloaded the palm oil we were carting. I got up about 2:30am and gt home about 4:30-5:00PM so it was a long day.
Matt's 500 Cummins Freightliner cabover ex-Fluid International Freightliner 500
Freightliner beside the silo Freightliner on the weigh bridge Freightliner unloading at Edendale
International parked on the street Tyre blew out on the back road International ready to be loaded at Timaru
These were also taken at Timaru on the 4th of December.
International waiting to be loaded

This Mitsubishi Shogun is owned by Brenics Transport of Christchurch. This Mercedes Benz Bulky also does a good days work while still clocking up the miles and spreading fertilizer over the farms in the Southland Region. This Freightliner (Red Warrior) is owned by Tulloch Transport of Mataura.It carts stock between both North and South Island of NZ.It is powered by a Detroit Series 60 putting out 450 HP.
This M.A.N bulky spreads fertilzer all over farms and hills around Southland and also tows a slef loading trailer to make the job that much easier. This Mercedes Benz is still doing a full days work no matter how old is might be still carts stock all around the South Island and usually has a B-train stock unit behind it. This Izuzu CXH stock unit also does inter Island stock work for Tulloch Transport.
This Freightliner Century Class has a Caterpillar C-15 engine putting out 500Hp.The truck is owned by M&V Rohan Contracting of Dunedin.The photo was taken outside the Mainfreight Yard in Gore 13/01/05

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