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This collection contains letters that I received from trucking companies, private carriers, manufacturers, and suppliers during the time period between the late Fifties and early Sixties. A few were letters that my dad received. After that time frame I didn't maintain my correspondence with trucking companies other than pertaining to my later career in the industry. In several instances several letters from the same company are presented. When this is the case it is because of changes in the letterhead between the dates the letters were written. Illinois-California eXpress (ICX) is a good example of this. Another example is the letterhead of Foster Freight Lines, which was owned by Consolidated Freightways and used a CF letterhead. The message text has been scrambled on most of the letters simply because it's not pertinent to the subject at hand, which is the letterhead. On such occasion that I feel the text provides informative reading, it has been left intact.

Adolph Coors Company A.F. Murch Company Akers Motor Lines
Alterman Transport Lines American Body Trailer Anderson Chemical Company
Arkansas Best Freight Arkansas Best Freight back of letterhead Arkansas Louisiana Gas Company
Arthur L. Manning Trucking Bell Lines, Inc Belnap Freight Lines
Bend-Portland Truck Service Brady Motorfrate Bridge Bros
Burlington Truck Lines Bursch Trucking Bursch Trucking
Calaveras Cement Company San Francisco, CA Calaveras Cement Company San Andreas, Calaveras County, California California Trucking Association
Campbell 66 Express Campbell 66 Express back page or letter Central Freight Lines
Central Motor Lines Central Truck Lines Consolidated Freightways Melno Park, CA.
Charles G. Wagner Lumber Company Chemical Tank Lines Coast Grain Company

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