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Two years before I discovered American, my Mother to be, sent this picture to my Dad, to be, serving overseas in 1944. A set of doubles parked along Adeline Street in Oakland, CA. They look to be 30 footers or so. Danny and his Dad, Bill, on a coffee break in West Oakland, CA in 1950. Check out the manual turn indicator. Bill worked for PIE in Oakland, CA from 1947 to his passing in 1955.
Danny on the running board of an old Pete, probably a 150 or 200, and sitting on a set of flat racks taken in Oakland, CA in 1953. Danny on an old smoker Diamond T, taken in 1953.
Hauling steel and tinplate throughout California, wife Carlene and son Tim help the looks of the old early Pete kit, a 220 with a 5 speed main and a 3 speed Brownie. Taken in San Leandro, CA in 1970.
North Bound I-5 over the Siskyous in the storm of 1971. A regular run from Oakland, CA to Medford, OR, taken in 1971.
South Bound I-5, same storm, but this time heading home and learning to lean.
When and where ever a train derailed, we were sent with an empty "PIG" to pick up the freight. This time at the Cuesta Grade, a mile or so into the mountain on a fire trail. The Cuesta Grade is an ear shot north of San Luis Obispo, CA on US 101, taken in 1975. Parked at Mt Shasta truck scale. A 1974 International with a 335 Cummins and 10 speed Roadranger. The 4x4 unit was big and awkward, and you had to chain the steering axle. 
I'm holding up this set of triples in Medford, OR bound for Portland, Oregon. A 1976 "Cornbinder" (International) with a 335 Cummins and a 13 speed. This picture was taken in 1977. I worked for Southern Pacific Truck Services/Pacific Motor Trucking for 12 years. Me and my wife take a break at the Casa de Fruita near Gilroy, CA on Highway 152 in 1983. Across from the Old Baxter Cafe on old US40, now 80, westbound from Winnemucca, NV to Emeryville, CA. Chains off and hot coffee, 1986.
Daughter Deanna hops a ride with me on a Reno turn from Hayward, CA. Taken at the Donner Summit in 1983. Many runs included Denver, CO and Albuquerque, NM. (I worked for ICX for three years). The Freightliners all had 350 Cummins and 10 speeds. In the yard at Spokane, WA heading to Lewiston, ID, then back home to Emeryville, CA taken in 1986.
Picked up a third box in Reno, NV yard going east to Salt Lake City, UT in 1988. (All of Garrett, then ANR equipment ran 350 Cummins and 10 speeds. I worked here for six years. Along I-5 near Redding, CA, a 1972 Freightliner with a big Kitty Kat, a 13 speed, AM-FM etc. A hot unit. Runs included Seattle, Spokane, Flagstaff, AZ, Reno and Redding turns. I worked for Rawson for 5 great years. This picture was taken in 1992.
Along old 99 near Turlock, CA, wife Carlene keeps me awake on the run in 1998. I worked for Luckys for 7 years. Units were 350 Cummins and 10 speeds. An inbound set from Fresno, CA rolls into the Oakland, CA yard, here again I'm leaning. Taken in 2003.
The Wolferr, graveyard hostler keeps the trailers moving and will be the youngest to retire sometime in 2004. When ever the Wolferr gets behind, I'll give him a hand. I've been with ABF for two years and retirement is just around the bend.

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