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Taken 2003 or 4?? Note the blackened bridge, and the saggy piece of roadway under the bridge. This is what caused the blackened bridge. The back half isnít lost, it burned. Car versus Island Transportation out of Long Island, it melted a bridge on I-95 in Bridgeport, CT. No injuries, if I remember, but a hell of a traffic problem for months! Picture taken at Mickeyís Towing in Bridgeport. Taken late 1990ís 1988, LS-8000 Ford, Unit 340 of Bloomfield (CT) Public Works Department on a demolition job. Still in service, has a Ford Brazilian 210, a 6613 trans, and central hydraulics. You pretty much row this down the street, not enough power or too much truck!
Taken 2005 Same unit, ten years on, on a small drainage job. Taken around 1975? A pair of White 4000 wreckers belonging to Bills Service, Stamford, CT. On the left is a tandem, PT-270, 9 spd, with velvet ride and a Weld-Bilt 25 Ton unit with oversized winches. This was the most comfortable truck I ever drove. The one on the right is a S/A, has a Super Mustang Gas engine, 5+2, and an Ortiz 15 Ton Unit. Taken around 1975? A-40 Mack, Gas and duplex trans, with a chassis mounted pony motor sander. Belonging to Bills Service South, Stamford, CT. Note the bus behind, I donít remember the chassis maker, but clearly remember it had a Gardner diesel engine and maybe a pre-selector gearbox.
Taken early 70ís Not a truck, but I couldnít resist! Stamford (CT) Public Works Department. This is what happens when the operator turns with a raised bucket! Taken around 1975? A 4070 IH Transtar wreck is loaded onto a flatbed. I worked this recovery; guy had a load of RR ties, and we were peeling creosote off ourselves for a week! Man to the right looking at camera is Bill Parker, Billís Service, Stamford, Ct. Driver fell asleep, rolled over a guardrail on I-95, and walked away from this! Taken early 70ís. Half a dozen or so 60ís REO C-101 dumps belonging to Stamford (CT) Public Works Department. The closest one has a modified body to haul sewage sludge to the incinerator. Most others had been converted by now to chassis mounted sanders. All were 6-200 gas, 5x3, 41,000 GVW. Good trucks, not very comfortable or easy to see out of when plowing in urban areas, but if you knew how to use both gearboxes, they did a good job.
Taken 1983, DC series Autocar with Fabco 4X4 conversion about to be delivered to the Bloomfield (CT) Public Works Department. Unit #341 had a PT 270, 9 spd, a lot of truck! Traded in around 2000, last reportedly working for a NYS Thruway contractor. Taken 1990?, L-8000 Ford, 3208, 5+2. End of the line, off to the auction for this early 80ís Bloomfield (CT) Public Works Department unit 327. Taken at Kempís, Hillsboro, New Hampshire museum, or collection, or whatever it was, on a motorcycle tour of the North Country prior to going off to serve with my uncle. Looks like a wood framed cab Brockway on the left, and I know thatís a White 3000 series on the right. Used to drive one of those whiteís.
More from Kempís Collection, sometime in the 70ís? Nice Walter Sno-Fighter, I think a Linn in the background. Kempís Collection, looks like a Autocar, you can get some idea of the variety in the background, but thatís got to be a Reo on the left. Kempís Collection, A Mack COE (?) on the left, and another Walter?
Kemp Reo and Mack Kemp Mack, says 1932 on the plate A nice pair of Sterlings
Some of the Kemp Brothers Mack collection, sometime in the 70ís? Kemp Brothers Mack. If I recall correctly, this had a chain drive tandem. Hereís a beuaty. Kemp Linn, first one Iíd ever seen. Look close, no wheels in the back- it runs on crawler tracks!
Before ... And after. Bloomfield (CT) PWD Louisiville gets rebodied around 2000. Chassis is 1989, 38,500 GVW, Ford 210 diesel with Alison 653DR. Now has a combination dump unit/spreader, good for another 10 years. Newer Bloomfield (CT) PWD IH 4900. Live Hydraulics, IH 530 at 250 HP, Newer Electronic Alison. Despite being driven daily, it generally is kept as clean as it looks.
Bloomfield (CT) PWD 329, since retired. Originally a dump truck, was rebuilt in the mid 90ís as a chassis mounted front discharge spreader/horse unit. This was a 1980ís R487P, steel nose, Scania diesel, Allison 653DR 14,000 front and a 29,000 lbs rear. Not fast, (all 160 horsepower), it was stable and dependable. Had a lead one day on a military surplus bucket truck. Got there (Otis, I think) and hereís what I found. Not a bucket truck, but an aircraft deicer! This was maybe 1995. As I recall, it had a 413 gas engine, and maybe 1500 miles on it.
Sometime in the 70ís, Stamford, CT DPW began to replace its fleet of Reoís with Mackís. I was sent to school at the factory in Allentown, PA for several weeks. In my spare time, took these shots in and around the now closed Allentown Plant. I have been through Mackís Macungie plant, Caterpillarís Mississauga Loader plant, and Toyotaís Kentucky Camry plant, among others in my day. The Allentown Plant, admittedly having been around a long time, looked like the industrial revolution had left it behind.
On one of my motorcycle trips upcountry, spied this in a gas station. Great old IH with a 750. East Lyme, CT DPW. Taken a couple of years ago. Quite a step down from the long nosed S next to it. East Lyme, CT DPW. Iíve seen Lo-Proís, but this can only be described as stumpy. Must be great in parking lots!
Driving for Billís Service, Stamford, Ct, 1970ís. Take a good look... That landing gear didnít collapse. Hauled this in as part of a 5 truck wreck in Darien, CT one morning. Hauled the tractor somewhere, and the next day, found this sitting in the street. Apparently, the driver had about 40,000 lbs sitting in the nose of the trailer. A lot of New England Coastline is fill, and the ground just collapsed. Hook up the GMC with a Holmes 750, get the replacement tractor under, and away they went. Iíd pulled much construction and oil trucks out of septic fields; this was my first experience with undermined roads.

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