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Dennis Bosman lives in the Netherlands. Dennis takes pictures of mostly European trucks. But his big hobby is building trucks out of LEGO.
Here is a link to his site: LEGO Trucks & Construction Equipment

W. van der Meijden. This company is based in the west of the Netherlands and has a fleet which consist of mainly DAF and Volvo trucks. This ’99 DAF FTG 95XF is power by a 380 hp engine and is here coupled to a new steared trailer (July 2003). W. van der Meijden. This Volvo FH12.380 has another color scheme. Van der Meijden haules concrete and bricks. They have three of these blue Volvo tractors. Next to these the have a few blue DAFs 95XF (July 2003). W. van der Meijden. In 2002 Van der Meijden bought a few new type Volvo FM units, powered by a 380 hp engine. All tractors are coupled to tri-axle trailers (flatbed or stepframe trailers) to haul concrete beams or segments (July 2003).
W. van der Meijden. This 6x2/4 Volvo unit is in their own color scheme. Strange enough I never saw this tractor before while I visit their yard very regular. The FH12 was built in ’98 (July 2003). W. van der Meijden. Two DAF FTT 95.430 units where taken into service in ’97. Both tractors are pulling a five-axle Nooteboom stepframe trailer. and most times they couple a five-axle Nooteboom dolly behind their trailer. With these vehicles the company haules large concrete beams (length. approx. 35 metres) which are used for fly-overs, viaducts etc (July 2003). W. van der Meijden. An old DAF 2700 motorvehicle. The truck was taken into service in ’91 but they’re still using it. Former these types of DAF very very popular in the Netherlands because they’re very durable. But because the technique is quite outdated you see them very less nowadays. Many of these DAFs were exported to Africa (July 2003).
W. van der Meijden. This is the second FTT 95.430 unit. Most times they couple a five-axle Nooteboom dolly behind their trailer. With these vehicles the company haules large concrete beams (length. approx. 35 metres) which are used for fly-overs, viaducts etc. The company is situated next to the concrete plant where those beams are coming from (Spanbeton). Nice detail is that the haulers yard can only be reached from a small road where the houses a situated very close to it. It’s very strange, but they’re still located there because Spanbeton is their neighbour (July 2003). W. van der Meijden. Another DAF FTG 95XF unit. Just like most units this one has also a 380 hp engine. This tractor is here pulling a Nooteboom stepframe trailer (July 2003).
W. van der Meijden. Former Van der Meijden had many FTF units in service. FTF was a small Dutch manufacturer of heavy tractors. They started production in ’66 but stopped with it in ’95 because of the low turnover. That’s a big shame because the Detroit Diesel has a great sound and the trucks are very durable. This unit is one of the last two ones. The FTF shown here will be sold. They’re restoring the second one to visit truck rallies with it (July 2003). Westdijk. Another heavy haulage company is Westdijk, also bases in the west of the Netherlands. The firm has grown very fast the last few years and they’re operating any kind of brand in their fleet. The truck shown here is a DAF FTS 95XF.430. The 430 hp unit is pulling a brand new Nooteboom tri-axle low loader with a detachable gooseneck. The load is a new Komatsu WA480 front end loader. With the yellow machine on it this is a very nice truck to see (July 2003).
Westdijk. A scoop is this five-axle MB Actros tipper truck. It’s one of the first five-axle MB Actros units in the Netherlands and is brand new on this picture. In Holland five axle tipper trucks are very popular. The Dutch manufacturers of special vehicles (GINAF and Terberg) are market leader in this type of duty. But Mercedes-Benz also has suitable trucks. The fifth axle is non-Mercedes. I think the enlarged the chassis by putting the fifth axle underneath it (July 2003). Westdijk. This old MB SK2653 6x4 unit was first operated by Van der Lee. A few years ago Westdijk became owner of that firm and painted the truck in their color scheme. The driver’s cab has a flat roof because beams of draglines can be put over the tractor (July 2003).
Westdijk. One of the two Volvo FL12 units. At least one of them was first operated by Van der Lee, just like the Benz on the previous picture. This unit is also 6x4 driven (July 2003). Westdijk. A rare truck in their fleet is this DAF FAS 85CF. The 6x2 driven motorvehicle has a loading crane (July 2003). Westdijk. This is one of their many GINAF tipper trucks. They’re operating tree-, four- and five-axle units. This GINAF has a gross weight of 54 tonnes and is powered by a 430 hp engine (July 2003).
Lafeber. This firm operates 20 units. The company most times haules drilling riggs and their additional equipment. This ’91 DAF 95 is hauling a 20ft container of one of the biggest building contractors in Holland (HBG) (July 2003). Lafeber. Their most powerfull truck is this 600 hp MAN 8x4/4 unit. The tractor replaced an older 8x4/4 unit with a 460 hp engine. The luxuary MAN most times pulls a Nooteboom modular trailer (July 2003). Kandt. A small company is Kandt. The firm owns special machinery which are hauled by their own vehicles. One of their three units is this Scania T144. The 460 hp tractor was former put before a low loader but nowadays it pulls a flat bed trailer with a loading crane (July 2003).
Kandt. The company is one of the few which is still operating an FTF tractor. This 414 hp unit was bought from Roseboom Transport who sold both FTF tractors. One went to the scrapyard but fortunate this 8x4 found a new owner. It pulls an old type Nooteboom low loader with pendulum axles (July 2003). Lodder. A very short, but massive looking combination is this Volvo FH12. The 420 hp, 6x4 driven unit is pulling a short tri-axle trailer. The load consist of heavy boards which are used as supporting for heavy drilling riggs. Seen near the port of Rotterdam (July 2003).

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