DIVCO and the Divco oval logo are registered trademarks of the Divco Club of America, Inc.
DIVCO and the Divco oval logo are registered trademarks of the Divco Club of America, Inc.

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Here are some pictures that were loaned to me while attending the ATHS Convention and Truck Show in Reno, Nevada during June 7 - 9, 2001. These pictures show how well the Divco was restored and the truck looks especially nice posed in front of the barn and the orange grove. This 1954 Divco Model 15 is owned by Mike Palmer of Redland, California.
This old Divco is used by the Crystal Springs Water Company for prmotional purposes. Photo taken at the John Street Roundhouse in downtown Toronto May 25, 2002. Robert Archer Collection. Divco van being used by Helms Bakery in the Atlanta "Under Ground." Photo taken in June 2003. This 1963 Divco Milk Truck belongs to Chuck Foster who plans on restoring it. Chuck Foster Collection.
Here is a photo of my 1966 Model 300C Divco truck. I am restoring it to stock conditions. It was a milk truck all its life. Photos by Bob Gouveia
This Divco belonged to Hill's Dairy in Carrolton, KY taken in July 1983. Not sure if the dairy was still in business at the time. Stanley Houghton Collection. This is the same Divco at Hill's Dairy almost 20 years later. It looks as if it hasn't moved since the picture taken in 1983. Stanley Houghton Collection.
Here is a Divco belonging to Don France, a distributor for Maplyhurst Dairy in Indianapolis, IN. The picture was taken in September 1998. Since taking this picture the building was torn down and is now a vacant lot. Dean Foods bought Maplehurst. Stanley Houghton Collection. This Divco belonged to Southern Bell Dairy of Somerset, KY. The picture was taken in Lexington, KY in November 1985. Stanley Houghton Collection.
We are from Southern California and we just finish a 1954 Divco milk truck. We are a family own dairy, Rockview Farms is our company. The owner, Amos DeGroot, and I have been kicking the idle for years to build a Divco milk truck. Six years later we have a Blown Divco truck that's still is refrigerated and delivers milk. You can check us out at our web site http://www.rockviewfarms.com. I'm also a member Divco Club of America.

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