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1/48 scale LTL Mack Tandem Tractor (stock model)
1/48 scale LT Tandem Tractor with double sleeper (custom done for customer)
LJ Mack Tandem Axle Tractor in 1/48th scale.
B-81 Mack Tandem Axle Logger w/pole trailer in 1/48th scale.
LJ Mack S/A Dump Truck in 1/48th Scale
Wellington Service Co. of Somerville, Ma. Mack FK S/A chain drive lowbed tractor in 1/48th scale. The actual truck had 65,000 lbs rear suspension.
F.D.N.Y. Rescue Co. #1 1947 "L" Mack Rescue Truck in 1/48th scale. This was the first factory built rescue that New York purchased. Previously they had built their own bodies at thr fire dept. repair shop.
LJ Mack tandem axle 10 yard Dump truck in 1/48th scale.
A custom version of my 1/48th scale LJ Mack built for my "O" gauge circus train which is the 1956 version of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey train, the last year the show played "under canvas" in the "Big Top". Ringling had a fleet of twelve Macks to handle the shows various trucking needs. This truck was used to carry water for the animals and cook house, and also pulled the many circus wagons between the railroad yards and the circus lot.
A 1/48th scale Mack B-73 Lumber truck and trailer with load. These Macks were popular with the forest products industries and were also used for logging in many areas.
Our 1/48th scale LJ Mack with factory built Integral Sleeper. This model was just released in October 2002 and is our most recent addition to our line.
A B-81 Mack Tandem Tractor with winch pulling a detachable gooseneck lowbed trailer with a "real wood deck" produced in 1/48th scale or transporting heavy equipment or oversized loads.

LJ Mack tandem Logger built using my LJ T/A cab and chassis kit as a starter in 1/87th scale. This truck is not available in kit form as shown.
A 1/87th scale Hayes HDX-1000 "off road" logger with an 18' high and 16' wide load that probably would weigh in at about 125,000 pounds in the real world. This truck is built from my HO scale kit which includes the truck and trailer.
A 1/87th scale Mack FCSW "off road" chain drive dump truck, built from one of my kits. This truck was developed during World War II for mining. and saw use at Monarch, Colorado in the Colorado Fuel & Iron Company's Limestone Quarry where limestone was trucked from the top of the mountains and dumped into narrow gauge D&RGW railroad cars for transportation to Pueblo, Co. for use in making steel.
A 1/87th scale LJ Mack built from our kit and decorated for Wooster Express using our decal set. The trailer shown is a modified Walthers product.
A 1/87th scale LJ Mack with Integral "factory built" Sleeper, built from our kit. These trucks were used extensively by owner-operators and by many trucking companies as well where two man operations were used.
A B-73 Mack single axle tractor in 1/87th scale built from one of our kits. It includes sanders (shown in front of rear wheels) for winter operation. The B-73 was built using the earlier "L" cab as many drivers complained about how small the cabs were on the "B" models so Mack went back to using the earlier cab which was more roomier.
Our 1/87th scale decal set for New England Transportation Co, a division of the New Haven Railroad, that handled freight between Boston and New York. The trailer is an On-Trak model built from a kit.
Our next release (due in Jan 2003) in 1/87th scale, a 34' exterior post trailer kit, replicating a very popular model used very extensively in the east.
A modified Walthers HO 1/87th scale trailer lettered with our decal set for Yale Transport that ran between Boston, New York, and as far west as Chicago.
One of my new trailers lettered with my Adley Express Co. decals. Each set of my decals includes all the graphics for a tractor and trailer, with an assortment of numbers for both. The trailer shown, a 34' drop floor model, should be available soon.
My LJ Tractor with an ON-Trak Models 28' smooth side trailer lettered up with my decals for Arrow Transportation Co. of Providence, R.I. Arrow ran between Boston and New York for years, had a small, very well maintained fleet of trucks.
One of my HO LJ tractor kits and an On-Trak Models 28' smooth sided trailer painted and lettered for Associated Transport using my decals. They were a rather large company on the east coast, one of the first big operators to go belly-up in the late sixties.
A 1952 "Bullnose" Kenworth cabover built from one of my kits, mated to a 34' exterior post trailer...our next release, due soon. The "Bullnose" is available as a single axle or as a tandem kit.
A Tandem axle "Bullnose" Kenworth Sleeper cab tractor with a 32' smooth side trailer , both built from kits by us. The KW is currently available, the trailer is a future release, due in 2003.
A modified "Bullnose Kenworth tandem sleeper cab with extended "West Coast Long Chassis" and a modified Walthers 32' exterior post trailer painted and lettered up using my decals for Watson Bros. Transportation of Omaha, Nebraska. In the 50's Watson was the 5th largest carrier in the US, running as far west as Los Angeles, and east to Chicago.
One of my tandem Mack B-73 tractors and 32' trailers done up for Rio Grande Motorways. The tractor features some extra details including added fuel tanks and Micro Scale decals.
B-875 Mack 1/87th scale cab & chassis kit released 1/01/03 and available now. The kit comes with complete cab interior detail, and a choice of two styles of wheels, Spoked or Budd disc, and also has either vertical or chassis mounted exhaust system. It also comes with a fifth wheel assy. but does not include the winch and deck that is shown in the photo.

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