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1968 Hayes HDX rebuilt from the ground up, February 1996 Brand new Kenworh 500B with self-loader, February 1989 Kip Brown Trucking #10 Hayes HDX logging truck
North Bute Transport Kenworth and Pacific now owned by Kip Brown Trucking Kip Brown Trucking #27 Kenworth tri-drive with self-loader Kip Brown Trucking #30 Kenworth tri-drive with self-loader
Jim Williams Trucking from Powell River, BC working on a highway bypass on Texada Island Brian Adey's Mack working on Texada Island. What are the chances that this had been Jim Falconer's 1975 Mack? Brian Adey's Mack was quie hardy. He could swap the dump box for logging rigging in a day. This photo is at Ruby Lake heading for Earl's Cove.
This photo was taken on the mountain behind Pender Harbor, BC. I think it was in 1983. Hauling for Lloyd's at that time, still in Powell River. Brian sold the truck shortly after this and it was wrecked in Gibsons Landing, BC. Kenworth hauling at Pender Harbor, owner unknown
Former Jim Hawkins all steel "U" Series Mack taken in May 1988. I believe the truck is still working. Tom Lucas (my Dad) brand new "U" Series Mack, sometime around 1972. Dad was working for Jim Hawkins Contracting building the logging road to Goat Lake for Weldwood. The truck was later sold to T&R Contracting, who had the twin to this one. The truck went to Vancouver Island and bought by someone. Or so the story goes.

Does anyone know what happened to this rare Mack?

This ad was part of a newspaper found in a wall of a house under renovation.

Owner/operator Earl Shield is about to retire. The poorly loaded truck rolls over and is wrecked. Earl survived. H.E. Reynolds Transportation from Vancouver.The Kenworth wrecked in a runaway on a steep grade. The driver jumped before the crash.
Same spot as the runaway, but this time the truck can't make it around the switch back. They will use Jim Hawkins' off road Hayes HD rock truck to pull it around.

Some time in the 1980's Weldwood came back to finish the Goat Lake show.
Andy Byrne hauling a steel spar on the Stillwater Main going to Goat Lake. Weldwood Kenworth line horse Weldwood Kenworth at Stillwater used to carry boom boats from show to show.
Sumner Bros. Kenworth hauling for Weldwood at shops in Lang Bay. Dyson Trucking Hayes from Campbell River waiting to dump at Lang Bay.
Dyson Trucking Pacific and Mack on the Goat Lake main.

Mack with a steel spar mounted on it, parked on Wilde Road north of Powell River. Went to Vancouver Island on the back of a wrecker. March 1995, Horsma Trucking from Gibsons, Pacific logging truck. Twin steer Western Star owned by Roddy Lewis hauling road salt.
December 1995 owner/operator T. Moore Ford from Port Alberni hauling for Loomis Courier parked at Courtney, BC Team bus for the Quesnel Millionaires Junior A Hockey Club. July 2002, Thompson Trucking Mack from Campbell River hauling on the Stillwater Main Line.

Lomak Ford from Prince George, BC working hard at the viewpoint on Anarchist Mountain east of Osoyoos, BC. I think the Cat is a D8N. Photo was taken in the 90's. Old Hayes tanker truck at one time owned by BC Forest Products What is it? Ex MacMillan Bloedell. It may have been used on a narrow gauge railway to push-pull flat cars of paper rolls at a paper mill.
Edwin Robbins has a photo of this International [ Photo 1  Photo 2 ] taken somewhere on Vanouver Island along with other trucks from Powell River. At year's end (2007) they are all back at Stillwater. The truck is being used to carry spare tires and cables. M Series Mack rock truck at Lund, BC in December 2007 Off highway Hayes with a 1974 100 ton Columbia off highway low bed.
Kip Brown Trucking #6 off highway Hayes logger Kip Brown Trucking #11 Kenworth C-500 being used as a water truck. This was the twin to #15. Kip Brown Trucking #7 off highway Hayes ex Thompson Trucking - Campbell River. Kim Loeb has some pictures of this truck.
Kenworth and International Paystar. The Kenworth is being used for fuel and the International for water.

This next group of Malaspina pictures were all taken at Stillwater in December 2007
Cat log loader Cab from #21 now sitting at Stillwater

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