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I've been around trucks since the 1970’s.......and eventually got into lettering and striping them.
Krajicek Trucks at their yard in Denison, Iowa. I did the lettering on these trucks.
This truck logo painting has had some slippage in the frame, I noticed....this is my own. Did 2 others before it and sold them to Boomtown in Verdi, Nevada when it was a real truck stop before it just became a casino. All hand painted with water colors.
This T600 of LaMoure became a regular customer for a few years....each one they sent out to Sacramento for me to do had a hand painted mural of the truck itself up high. Driver of this particular one said he got a lot of compliments on it way back then. This was the 2nd or 3rd year, I believe, the Anteater was out.
This Kenworth was a neat job, done back in 1984 or 85. Few years later, Morris had it painted a cherry red, had me re-letter and then moved to Emporia, Virginia. Boyens Trucking Peterbilt from Kiron, Iowa

Taken on I-80 near Newcastle, CA. in the 1970's

This Volvo is run by Rick Manica of Sacramento and driven to this day by Laurence Krause. It is a transfer operating in Sacramento area. Photo taken back in 1996?
Bobby Baxter haul logs and he is out of Ackerman, Mississippi. Liked splashy colored Pete’s.
Olthuis Trucking was out of Paris, Michigan. Jack Olthuis was a great owner of the company. Photos were taken at the Paris base and the white Western Star was taken in Oklahoma City. Sadly, closed his doors back in 2001.

Various Truck Stop Photos
Montana Express trucks from Butte, MT at Hayes River City T/S with stretch limo in background. Cartoon of how great a year it was in trucking....applicable today. Barbara Mandrel’s rig at Little America, Cheyenne, WY as she’d performed that night at Cheyenne Frontier Days
Cool Pete for oil rigging in Gillette, WY. 1957 Mack H-633 cab over
taken up in Oregon or Washington.
Various Truck Stop Photos
Jobe Boyens of Kiron, 2005 Pete, new at time.

I-80 heading east across Nevada, 2005

George Gilbertson, Cedar Bluff, Mississippi George Gilbertson, Cedar Bluff, Mississippi
Trailer with racing camels
at the old Hayes River City T/S
Driver at Hayes with his pal, Garfield.

Before there was PRIDE, there was PRIDE of England...this was the most gorgeous of their custom trucks.
Taken going south on Highway 99 in Sacramento and at Hayes River City T/S.

Transcon taken at Boomtown in Verdi, NV Big Sky taken on I-80 heading east by Donner IML triples in Sparks
taken heading east on I-80 west of Reno
Smoky at Boomtown Ray Bethers flatbed
out of Utah in mirror in Sierra on 80
I-80 going east by view area near Donner
Fernandes Peterbilt transfer taken at his yard in Elk Grove, CA. Dave Fowler and Family blue Kenworth transfer at his yard in Sacramento Anthony Romani Kenworth transfer at Bob’s Trucking yard in Sacramento
PDH Mack transfer taken at Hayes River City Peterbilt taken in Indiana when Pete first came out with square headlights.
Mack concrete pumper,
Valley Concrete of Elk Grove, CA
GMC cab over
Filling up with corn in Iowa Sunset at the truck stop

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