Federal Truck Pictures
Federal Truck Pictures

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I have just been made aware of a Federal Truck Registry web site.
Check out the site for lots more Federal truck pictures.

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Here is a picture of a Federal tow truck. This truck belongs to Mendo Towing from Fort Bragg, CA. Kim Loeb Collection.
Here is a picture of a 1930's Federal sleeper belonging to Mid-States, taken in Chicago in 1948. The two large cylinders next to the radiator shell are shock absorbers fastened to the front springs to make it softer riding. Ken Goudy Collection.
My grandfather, Matt Heyns, bought a new Federal stake truck in 1926. He owned seven neighborhood grocery stores in the north end of Grand Rapids, MI. This 4-cylinder truck was used to haul bushels of fruit and vegetables from the City Wholesale Market at 5:30 each morning. The truck had to be shifted into 1st gear to get up the hill on Plainfield Ave. north of Leonard. My dad, William Heyns, still lives in Grand Rapids at age 92. He got his driver's license at 14, and used this truck to transfer merchandise from the main store to the other stores. After his first year of Law School, Dad informed Grandpa that he was not coming back to the grocery business. Larry Heyns Collection.

From the Hank Rabe Collection
In Memory of John Ganton
[ 05/08/1924 - 03/29/2006 ]

1949 Federal model 28A JXLD Hercules 120 hp. 2,200 gallon trailer. driver Bob Ganton 1949 Federal # 28A Unloading fuel in Ashcroft summer 1949
1949 Federal with younger brother Ken Ganton learning to be a truck driver Federal # 28A with trailer and Federal # 45 with Continental engine 140 hp. Between Cache Creek and Clinton B.C. Federal truck and trailer
Federal truck and trailer Unloading fuel in Cloverdale, boy from down the street liked trucks. Federal unloading fuel at 100 mile Bob Ganton
Federal in Cloverdale with 2 future truck drivers and Bob Ganton
Last trip for Federal #45 Sept 1949 near Clinton B.C.

This is a old Federal truck that Johnson terminals and Public Freightways had restored and I believe to celebrate the company's 50th anniversary. This truck was in Princeton July 1977 for a Friday evening parade. Tip Anderson was the driver and he used the truck on Saturday for a few in town deliveries. The exact year of truck is unknown. Truck has carbide lights and solid rubber tires. Hank Rabe Collection.

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