FWD Truck Pictures
FWD Truck Pictures

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The City Of Milwaukee #40015 is a 1981 model, one of the last FWD's purchased by the city. These shots were taken in Aug. 2005. At the time I was informed that it was due to be retired at the end of the month. However I saw it in service in October. It was long relegated to back up service by this time. I had seen it when it was quite new and then never saw it again for maybe 22 - 24 years when I ran across it parked behind the main shop building, away from normal street view. I was delivering parts to the garage and the normal entrance was blocked by road construction and I had to go in around the building. What a find!
John Hagen Collection
These West Bend, WI Fire Truck (WBFD) pictures were taken in Sept 2005 at a fire equipment show at Oconomowoc, WI. This is a 1953 750 gpm pumper. It is owned by an unnamed private party. It was being displayed by the white-shirted man in photo 01. As I was talking to him, some people asked if it would be okay if they could get cab photos of their kids. He was happy to agree so I have included a cab shot of a rather old kid in photo 03 (yours truly, and it was a thrill). The red paint is ORIGINAL. After West Bend it went to a small town department in "Up north" Wisconsin were it remained in service until 2003 or 2004. The current owner only had to clean it up and repaint the silver areas.
John Hagen Collection

1972 FWD Brochure
Rene Buron Collection
Model LB-2238 Model C6-2417
Note :
Photo courtesy of Robert T. MC Coy
Model DF6-2238
Model C6-6461 Model unknown
Models CO5-2178 and B5-2116
CC series CB series
Model DF4-2000
Model CF4-3000

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