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Here are some photos and a bit of history of George ( G.M. ) Brandabura of Edmonton.

George was born in Czech and immigrated to Canada with his parents at a young age. His family farmed near Thorsby, Alberta

At seventeen George bought his first truck - a D35 International. At eighteen he had two of them.

He hauled gravel in summer and logs in the winter.

When he was hauling logs, there was a big hill he had to go around - about an extra mile. A company he worked with had Chevrolets and GMC's. These trucks had no mufflers and could travel straight over the same hill George had to go around. After that, George was a GMC fan. It is a coincidence that his initials are "G.M."

Over the years George used some Dodge trucks and International's. But his favorites were the GM's.

In the late 40's trucks were hard to get out west, but could be purchased in the east (Ontario). So George would buy two in Ontario and bring them to Alberta and fit them with gravel boxes. He would use them all summer, then sell them for what he had paid for them and go and get two new ones for the next year.

George always wanted to go where the best rates were. This lead him to haul fuel up the Alaska Highway. Some of George's experiences and tasks included hauling fuel inland from the Alaskan coastline, water in the oild fields, erect power poles and telephone poles, drive large gravel trucks in Alaska and take gravel contracts in the mountain parks.

In 1954 George bought a used and well worn GMC 650, with a 4-71 diesel engine. He rebuilt this truck and after a few trials with the engine he learned what made them run well. Over the years he has repowered around 100 trucks, mostly with 2 cycle GM (Detroit) diesel engines. He has installed diesel engines in everything from 1/2 tons, vans to tractor-trailers.

Eventually George got interested and very experienced in rebuilting injectors as well as tuning up Detroit diesels. Some truckers would wait months for George to tune up their trucks, because they would perform so well afterward.

#1 International D35 taken about 1942 1950? Chevrolet 1955? Dodge
1955? Dodge 1950? GMC Hauling fuel in Alaska - Kenworth in front - GM Brandabura Dodge in rear
1954 GMC 650 1954 GMC's 1950? GMC 650 fuel tanker
Late 40's GMC 1950 GMC 1950 GMC
1954 GMC and Linden B61 Mack 1954 GMC taken near Jasper, Alberta 1954 GMC oilfield water hauling
International COE with a 6-71 Detroit engine Redwood Transport Hayes - George was a shareholder Brother John's 1955 Dodge repowered with a 427 Chev gas engine
International V-Liner Adby Mack and 650 GMC taken at Onoway Pit Cascade Drilling R 190 International
Spring repair - This truck originally powered by a 4-71 Detroit was then repowered with a 6-71. The hood was extended to accomodate two more cylinders Hired Zalisky Mack truck Moving camp
Adby Mack GMC 650 tanker Border Paving Kenworth
Payload? Payload Prodor Construction Autocar

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