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Dick passed away on May 7, 2006

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J.W. Robson Log Hauling Contractor
Based out of Vancouver, BC

This section show photos taken at Fraser Creek on Gilford Island in 1946.
Dick's first job at Fraser Creek was to deliver coal for the cookhouse. A Hayes and a Mack pulling a steam pot donkey and a Kenworth pushing. Temporary logging road made out of planks close to the water.
A loaded Hayes driving along the blank road. This Hayes was owned by BC Pulp & Paper and driven by Fred Bushman. An empty International driving along the plank road.
Loaded International driving along the plank road. Dick Giroux on the left and Barney McAllister standing in front of the International logging truck. The Kenworth dumping logs into the water. The logs were made into booms to go to market.
A loaded Kenworth driving along the plank road past the International. Dick standing in front of the Kenworth. Unidentified driver standing on the running board of the Kenworth.
That's a long reach on this trailer. A loaded International passing by on the plank road. A loaded International approaching on the plank road.
This 1929 Hayes truck was used for hauling the planks to make the roads. Another picture of a loaded International approaching on the plank road. This picture shows the Kenworth being loaded and the International waiting its turn.
Barney McAllister standing next to the Mack. A loaded Mack passing by. Dick standing on the running board of the International.

This section show photos taken at Inglewood - Camp A
This International use to be a logging truck, but was converted into a dump truck. The International dump truck waiting to be loaded. The International with the box tipped.
The International dump truck parked in front of the loaded Kenworth. Dick was backing up his loaded International dump truck when it got too close to the soft shoulder. This is what happened. The International West Coaster logging truck helping Dick out of the ditch.
The International dump truck and a former army waiting to be loaded. International West Coaster. Side view of the loaded International West Coaster.
International West Coaster
Harry Elliot and Noel Wilkenson taken in 1947
This shows the Robson lineup of trucks.
The International West Coaster, a "Shovel Nose" Kenworth and two other Kenworths.
A driver posing beside an empty Kenworth. One of the Kenworth trucks being loaded.

This section show photos during Dick's driving career with:
  • Blaine Port Huron Motor Express
  • GILL
  • DS Scott
  • Vancouver-Merrit
  • Millar & Brown
  • Lees Transport
Here is Dick standing beside a Blaine Port Huron Motor Express (BPHME) Kenworth Bullnose. BPHME Kenworth Bullnose single axle. The results of an accident show the cab of one of BPHME's Kenworths.
Two almost identical color pictures of Dick standing next to the BPHME Kenworth. The company had a very colorful tractor. These pictures were taken in the spring of 1952 along the Snoqualmie Pass in Washington. Washing the windshield at a Phillip 66 at Coure d'Lane, Idaho in May 1954.
A low shot of Dick standing next to the BPHME Kenworth. This was taken at Little America USA. Here is a picture of Dick driving the Kenworth Bullnose for BPHME in May 1954.
Taken from the cab of the BPHME Kenworth. The approaching truck is a Kenworth Bullnose truck and trailer owned by McDuff Trucking. McDuff hauled dairy products from Vancouver, BC to Saskatchewan. Since the Trans Canada Highway wasn't completed yet, all east-west freight was hauled through the states. This picture was taken along Lookout Pass in May 1954. My Dad, Henry Suderman Sr. drove for McDuff for a while. BPHME was registered in the US at Blaine, WA. The Canadian counter part was BC Auto Carrier. Here is one of BC Auto Carrier's GMC's getting pulled at Chatham, Ontario.
A lineup of Gill and another unidentified rig sitting at Windsor, Ontario. A Kenworth CBE operated by Dell Dash when he was driving for GILL. The photo was taken somewhere in Wyoming in 1955.
More shots of the GILL Kenworth in Wyoming. A closer shot of the GILL Kenworth CBE.
Here are some shots of the GILL Kenworth on the ferry which crossed the Okanagan Lake before the floating bridge was built at Kelowna, BC.
Here is a twin to Dick's Hayes which is at the back of this rig. This particular load caused the trailer to break in half, so Dick has backed his trailer up to this one and they are transferring loads. This all happened at Quesnel, BC in 1956. The person behind the cab is "Shakey" Crawford.
That is Dick with his head in the storage area under the sleeper of his Hayes. The photo was taken at Blaine, WA. Dick's Hayes still had Millar & Brown on the door when he was driving for Less Transport. This photo was taken in November 1955. The boys in front of the Hayes are Danny, a friend, and Pat Duddy.
This is a promo picture showing Dick with some other officials on opening day of the Rogers Pass in BC. East West Transport's Kenworth drom was used to advertise this event when the highway was completed in 1962.. A promotional pictures from Canadian Kenworth showing one of the East-West Canadian Kenworth droms.
Dick when he was made a terminal manager at DS Scott and Vern Kross the Vice President and Director. DS Scott Transport Hayes rigs. The drivers of Number 142 were killed in an accident in a Saskatchewan blizzard in 1966. Here is a picture of a DS Scott Kenworth that was featured on a record cover, "Truck Driving Man" by Dick Nolan.
When Dick was driving for Vancouver-Merrit, he had to haul props to an area close to Merrit, BC called Glimpse Lake. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation was filming a TV movie called "Red Serge Wives." These are some pictures that were taken as the props were being built.
MTF Transportation Western Star taken at Nanaimo, BC in July 1987.
MTF Transportation Western Star taken at Nanaimo, BC in June 1988.

This section show photos during Dick's driving career along the Alaska Highway
Dick's Hayes taken at Cassiar, BC in October 1955. Lee's Transport International and Dick's Hayes behind it, taken near Muncho Lake along the Alaska Highway in November 1955. Dick's Hayes taken near Muncho Lake along the Alaska Highway in 1955.
When Dick was hauling for Lee's Transport they needed to transport some supplies from the Cassiar Mines, but they needed a trailer. Dick called someone at Millar & Brown, and they loaned them a trailer to do the work. This was taken in December 1955. There isn't a lot of extra room on this ferry going across Stewart River. There is a Lee's Transport rig on this ferry. A wrecked Lee's Transport trailer taken at Mile 9 from the Alcan-Cassiar Highway.
The Yukon/British Columbia border marker. An approaching truck along the Alaska Highway near the Trutch Hills. This rig is near Fort Nelson on the Alaska Highway. It looks like it could be a Lynden Transfer Inc. rig.

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