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I've gathered a few pictures of our Pacific's, the main one being one we bought from Magnum Concrete in Abbotsford. I used to work for them and I recall when they bought it in about 1991 or '92 it was white with green trim. It was originally owned by Pacific Site Concrete, who I believe used it on a remote job somewhere before selling it to Magnum. We bought it from Magnum in 2007 with a new drum on it and painted it our colours. We've also put a remand engine in it (400 Cummins). It served us well for about 4 years, mostly on the Rio Tinto Alcan Kitimat Modernization Project. It's been parked for a couple of years because it needed a new engine front gear cover, but we're going to replace that now. It was kind of pricey so we've been holding off but I didn't want the truck to waste away so we're biting the bullet and doing the work now. I included one picture when it was still at Magnum.

We have scrapped one of the Allied Pacific's (#105) and another one (#107) is probably parked for the last time. So we have the one Magnum truck and the one Allied truck that are still usable, though the remaining Allied one needs some TLC with leaks etc. We'd use it in a pinch but hard to say if that day will come. I can confirm that Allied had at least 5 of these because I have pictures showing #105, 107, 117, 119 and 120. I suspect they had more. Ours are (were) #105, 107 and 120.
That’s my Dad (Norm) in front of one of the Dodges back in the early eighties at our old Terrace plant. 1973 White Western Star with a GM 6-71 engine and 13 speed. It’s pouring at Alcan’s aluminum smelter. We had 4 other 1974 Western Stars. I don’t recall what the Dodges had for power but they had 5+4 transmissions. They were older and we only used them for a few years. Glacier Concrete came into existence when my Dad purchased the Kitimat and Terrace operations from Ocean Construction Supplies Northern Ltd. in 1981. These trucks were previously Red & Yellow, which was Ocean’s colour scheme before they went to the blue they use today. I think I have some pictures before they were painted.

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