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Norm Simmons Logging
Prince George B.C.

Norm and his brother logged North of Prince George. Norm is retired and is living in Princeton, BC. He bought several trucks and built a logging arch on the back used to skid logs.
1941 Ford, Norm Simmons first truck for logging R-200 IH, tandam short logger, Norm had 2 of these trucks New 848 Kenworth 6X6 With a logging arch on the back. Norm was a welder and build his own logging arch which was built so it could be removed quickly and logging bunks could be installed on truck to haul short logs.
In 1960 bought a 1952 Mack off highway truck. This was one of 6 trucks had rock boxes on in the iron ore mines in Quebec, the boxes were removed and truck were then driven out to B.C. and sold for logging it a long slow drive since top speed was only 25 mph. V-12 Cummings, Schiender-Westinhouse torque-converter, 4 speed transmission, plantary gears in rear ends, 16:00 X 25 tires. Norm lengthen the frame 4 ft so he could build and install a logging arch in order to skid logs. 1952 Mack with logging arch Febuary 1963
1952 Mack with logging arch Febuary 1963 1952 Mack with logging arch Febuary 1963 Kenworth 848 with a load of short logs 14 ft wide bunks
Rear view of Kenworth and short logs 1952 Mack arch truck Norm and Kenworth
Kenworth with D-8 cat on the back Loader man decided to grease his car VW so he picked it up Mack with arch, ran with singles on rear for better traction, only logged in winter
1970 White Western Star 335 Cummins, 13 speed. Prince George White Western Star in Princeton White Western Star getting unloaded in Princeton

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