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Here are a few old photos of my family business. It was called "LIPSKY MOVERS" from Lynn, MA. We were in operation as a family business from 1910-1988 until the name was sold to a competitor for about 10 more years and then closed up. Our area of operation was Maine to Florida and east of the Mississippi. Many of the pictures are of straight trucks and several semi's from all the decades the business was operating.
This old photo was taken somewhere between 1910-1915 in Lynn, MA. Harry Lipsky CO. was established in 1910. This truck is circa 1925. Not sure of the make. The driver is changing his own tire. It has a full load of household goods on board. 1937 Federal with 14'-16' body and 8' peak. It had a canvas top and back. It is parked in front of old "HOAGUE & SPRAGUE in Lynn, MA They made shoe boxes and Lipsky Movers had a contract to deliver loads of them all over New England. They would back under loading doors and load the cases of shoes boxes through the roof because of the canvas top.
Chevrolet (1941-47) straight truck. It had a 14'-16' body and a 7'-8' peak with canvas top as well as canvas back. 1952 Chevy (gas) tractor - single axle & 1952 28' Fruehauf trailer with side door
1956 FORD 14'-16' body with full peak 1957 International with 9' body, 3' gate and canvas back.
1959 GMC 18' body with 7' peak, 4' gate with barn doors.
(L to R) Early GMC delivery van, 1957 International, 1956 Ford, 1955 Chevrolet, 1959 GMC, 1960 GMC tractor with 28' Fruehauf trailer, single axle & 4' gate.
1966 GMC 5/2 transmission, 18' body with 8' peak, 4' gate and 8' peak. This is a photo of my first diesel tractor. 1972 GMC ASTRO 95 6-71 238 HP with a 10 speed and 4:11 rears. The trailer was a 40' 1969 Great Dane air ride. The picture was taken in 1976 at the Wildwood, Fla "76" truck stop. Lipsky Movers of Lynn, MA was an agent for American Red Ball Transit from 1948-1988.

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