Hayes Freight Lines

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Hayes Freight Lines
Hayes, based in Springfield, IL, was purchased by McLean Trucking Co. in 1958. In those days, it took at least a year for purchases to be approved by the ICC. While waiting for approval, carriers were operated in their own names.
Iddo S. Hayes, the founder of Hayes Freight Lines (then Hayes Transfer Company) in 1884 at Mattoon, Illinois.
Hayes Freight Lines No.1 Hayes Freight Lines office staff
Hayes Freight Lines shops with some International tractors parked outside Hayes Freight Lines freight terminal interior
A lineup of Hayes Freight Lines trailers A mix of Chev trucks and a White used by Hayes Freight Lines
Inside Hayes Freight Lines shops, with a Chev in the foreground and a few White tractors in the background. Hayes Freight Lines 1956 GMC tractor trailer taken in Springfield, IL with the Illinois State Capitol Building in the back ground.

The following pictures are from the collection of Fred Gruin Jr.
Hayes Freight Lines Ford in the top pictures was parked on U.S. 1 in Ft. Lee, NJ in 1955 or 1956
Hayes Freight Lines Mack taken in IL in 1959. Hayes Freight Lines GMC pulling a Minnesota-Wisconsin Truck Lines (of St, Paul, MN) trailer, was taken in IL in 1959.

The following pictures are from the collection of Don Querciagrossa
A Hayes Freight Line GMC in the livery of their purchaser, Midwest Emery Freight System. It was latter sold to McLean Trucking Company. Don Querciagrossa Collection. Hayes Freight Line White 3000 taken at the Hayes Terminal in Chicago, IL.. Don Querciagrossa Collection.

Hayes Freight GMC diesel taken in Lytle Park in Mattoon, IL. The trailer was newly rebuilt in the Mattoon, IL shops, and the tractor is one of the new GMCs that were set up at Mattoon. Steve Kominoski Collection. Hayes Freight International CO Series was taken in front of the Illinois State Capitol Building in Springfield, IL in 1958. The truck has just came out of the Springfield, Il shops.. Steve Kominoski Collection.
Two White 3000's and an International KB 7 lined up at the dock was taken at the Hayes Terminal in Chicago, IL.
Steve Kominoski Collection.
A Hayes Freight trailer showing some of the cities that they serviced was taken in Lawson Park in Mattoon, IL. The trailer has just been rebuilt at the Mattoon, IL shops. Steve Kominoski Collection.
1950's GMC 650 diesel powered by a 4 banger Jimmy Diesel 1950's White 9000 Series Cummins diesel powered
Both of these pictures were taken by Joe Wanchura from Muncie, Indiana. Joe was leased to Hayes Freight Lines in the 1950's.
These pictures are from the T. Brad Dunkin Collection
Hayes Truck Lines at Chicago Here is a photo of a Hayes Freight Line truck in the streets of South Chicago, probably mid-40s. Not view of the cab unfortunately. John Morris Collection.

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