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April 11, 2018

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I am looking for sponsors for this site.
You could get your business known or get more Internet exposure by advertising on this site with a banner ad.
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For years now the web site been growing from a small hobby site to one that is close to 20 GB of images on the server. With this massive size and the popularity, this web site generates an emmence amount of network bandwidth or traffic. This means that I cannot host my site on any of the free web site hosting companies that are available. This is what has forced the site on to a dedicated server as opposed to one that shares a server with other web sites. Since February 21, 2003, I have had this web site hosted on a dedicated server and the performance on the web site is noticably faster.

Now with this dedicated server comes a new challenge. How do I continue to keep this web site from becoming a pay per view web site? I have been looking for sponsors and so far I have found some, but in order to keep the site on-line and to continue to keep the site free for all visitor, I am in need of more sponsors.

On my busiest pages, this site gets anywhere from 1000 to over 4000 unique visits per day. This is an excellent way to advertise your product or service and also link back to your web site.

It has always been my wish that this site remain a free for all to visit. I DO NOT want this site to be a Pay Per View or a Membership web site as some web sites are. This is history and it is changing so rapidly. Just look at Consolidated Freightways. Who would have know that they would never be seen again on the US highways. I am so glad that there were people out there who took pictures of CF's trucks over the years. Now at least we have a record of them for years to come, and this site has pictures to show to future generations.

I am receiving email from people looking for trucking jobs, looking for return loads, looking for a particular vintage truck, or parts for their truck. With the right kind of banner ad, you could get to possible clients that would not have otherwise knows of your services.

Because this site is mainly transportation related and primarily trucking, I had thought that asking for corporate sponsors from the trucking industry would be the best way because most of the people who visit this site are or were in the trucking industry. But I am also open to sponsorship from other industries as well.

If you are not able to sponsor, but may be able to continue supporting this site with donations to help defer the costs, even this can help.

If you are interesting in helping this web site stay on-line, please respond to:

Hank Suderman

Hank Suderman
44750 Vandell Drive
Chilliwack, BC
V2R 0X7


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