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Thank You For Visiting Hank's Truck Pictures Over The Years

After being online for 22 years, I have decided to take Hank's Truck Pictures offline. This has been a very hard decision to make, but I am finding that I can no longer afford the hosting fees to keep this site going with living on a small pension and not making much from my advertising revenue anymore. My advertising reveue decline is the result of so many people taking pictures from the site and posting them on Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr and so many other sites, which also have included commercial sites. So I feel the best that I can do is to shut things down after all these years.

I have become friends with so many people through this web site and this was years before Facebook ever reared its ugly head out on the Internet. So many people have spend countless hours searching out pictures of vintage trucking days in various parts of North America and I will always be very appreciative of the time they spent doing this.

I also want to thank the many sponsors and advertisers I have had on the web site that helped to support the costly fees to keep the web site going. Without your support, this web site would never have lasted this long.

My hosting contract runs out in April, so in April is when the web site will be no longer be available.

Sorry for removing what many people have told me was the only thing they found worth-while on the Internet.

Thank you for all you people who have been constant visitors to the site and for passing on the word to others to make this site as popular as it has been.


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