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I took a photo of these 2 Tanami Transport Kenworths at lochiel in 1998, The Place where they are parked used to be a Road Train stop where companies had to drop there second trailer. A TOLL Vehicle Distribution bDouble parked across from a Car Auction yard, this Truck was taken a load of 2nd hand Ford falcons from the yard. TOLL Refrigeration Semi at the Caltex Truckstop in Wingfield.
This Linfox triple Road Train was on its way to the Olympic Dam mine at Roxby Downs. Another Picture of the Linfox triple Road Train. This Linfox double Road Train was coming back down to Adelaide from Olympic Dam.
A Linfox Double Road Train parked across the road from the Linfox (WMC) depot. The same Linfox double Road Train this time the photo is taken from behind Clevelands Freightlines (CFL) Double Road Train leaving Adelaide on its way to Perth in Western Australia.
Bulls NT Express Triple Road Train at Katherine in the Northern Territory, the driver was at the back fixing a problem with the wheels. Bulls NT Express double Road Train cruising slowly back into Adelaide.
Bunker Freightlines Double Road Train outside Bunkers Depot waiting to be loaded. Bunker Freightlines Double Road Train leaving Adelaide with a full load. Hi-Trans Double Road Train Parked outside the Caltex Truckstop at Wingfield.
Parnell MOGAS bDouble heading out of Adelaide on its way to Port Augusta where it will be hooked up onto a Road Train. Parnell MOGAS Double Road Train coming back into Adelaide. Hard Produce Services Double Road Train heading out of Adelaide.
My Northern Territory Freight Services (NTFS) Model, this type of Road Train Combination is known as a 2ab. Patrick Autocare bDouble parked out the back of the Caltex Truckstop at Wingfield. Patrick Autocare Semi Trailer taking a full load of Magnas to Outer Harbour where they will be exported to other parts of the world.
Australian Fuel Distributors (AFD) Double Road Train coming into Adelaide, this Truck drops the back bDouble Trailer at Port Augusta and brings down the double while another truck brings down the bDouble. Australian Car Transporters bDouble parked out the back of the Caltex Truckstop at Wingfield. A Kalari T604 Kenworth bDouble.
Scotts Transport bDouble parked out the back of the Caltex Truckstop at Wingfield. Titan Transport Freightliner Pulling 2 Adelaide Brighton Cement Tankers. Lamont Prime Mover, I photographed this truck at the 2002 Convoy for kids, Lamont carrying Trailers to the Northern Territory for NTFS (Northern Territory Freight Services).
A Linehaul Australia Double Road Train taking a TOLL Edwards trailer and a TOLL Woolworths trailer to the Northern Territory. Linfox WMC Double Road Train on its way to the Olympic Dam Mine at Roxby Dams in South Australia's far North. A Mack Titan Double Road Train at the Wingfield Caltex Truckstop.
A Thompsons Double Road Train parked outside a TOLL Depot at Wingfield, Notice unlike most Road Trains this truck does not have a Bull Bar. A Fletchers Freighters abTriple photographed by a mate of mine at the Convoy for Kids one year. This Linfox bDouble carries Mobil Aviation Turbine Fuel to Adelaide Airport. The Truck is owned by Linfox Australia and is painted Mobil colours.
A Triple Road Train carrying 3 Portable Buildings to Darwin, this Truck was owned and driven by my mate's Dad. The same Truck pulling 2 Volvo Dump Trucks.
A Northern Territory Fuels Triple Road Train photographed by one of my mates. A 1stFleet Double leaving Adelaide. Australian Car Transporters bDouble parked outside the Caltex Truckstop.
LineHaul Australia Double leaving Adelaide. R Singleton Double leaving Adelaide on its way to the Northern Territory. This T604 Kenworth always pulls 2 Refrigerated Pans full of Milk.
A Linfox Mack Fleetliner pulling a bDouble full of Fuel. One of many Linfox Interstate bDoubles, This one been pulled by a Volvo Prime Mover. A TNT fully enclosed Car Carrier, parked in the TNT Auto depot at Wingfield.

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