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Closeup of the door logo for Hornish Bros. Inc.

276 T-600 with doubles makes regular runs into Mid and Southern Michigan and Canada 307 KW W900 with new Manac Multi-Axle
451 International COE with Double Dumps 463 International COE with Flat-Bed hauling lime in totes
468 International Pro-Sleeper w/ Multi-Axle makes regular runs to Mid & Southern Michigan 472 KW T-2000 headed into the shop for oil change 500- T-2000 on break for the weekend normally pulls doubles to Canada and New York
474 KW T-200 w/ Multi-Axle makes regular runs into Michigan 486 Kenworth W900L
498- KW W900 with Multi-Axle makes regular runs into Canada
531- 2000 International Pro-Sleeper with Multi-Axle empty in the yard on the weekend
534- KW T-600 with double covered-wagons
535- KW T-2000 home for the weekend, makes regular runs to Western NY and SW Ontario
493 Kenworth T-2000 and multi-axle trailer
Volvo tractor with a steerable lift axle and quad axle trailer.
All these pictures is at main terminal in Archbold, Ohio
Unit 329 is a well-kept 1994 International 9670 that makes regular runs in the Great Lakes area. The driver of this truck refuses to drive a “hood” and is only happy in his cab-over. Picture taken in October 2004. Unit 493 is a 1998 T-2000
that makes regular runs in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.
Unit 500 is a 1998 KW T-200 that pulls this Manac multiaxle on regular runs to Michigan, Ontario and New York. Picture taken in December 2004. 1999 W-900 that pulls a multiaxle across the U.P. of Michigan daily.
Unit 547 is a KW W-900 that pulls multiaxles on across the U.P. of Michigan. Picture taken February of 2005 2001 W-900 that makes regular runs from NW Ohio to Michigan
2005 International 9900ix that pulls doubles across SW Ontario into Buffalo
Unit 505 is a 1999 9900i that pulls a multiaxle on regular run into SW Ontario and Michigan. Picture taken November 2004.

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