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Kingsway History
Kingsway history from Don Querciagrossa

My thanks to all the collections which helped to make up this page.
Chris Hall, Doug McKenzie, Don Querciagrossa, Ken Goudy, Ray & Gary Ellis,
Kim Loeb, Fred Gruin Jr., Robert Archer, Gary Morton, Paul Kane, Rennard Surette and David E. Miller

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Kingsway Transport

Ford LT-9000 Louisville. The peeling paint on the air deflector and the steel wheels indicate that this is a former Motorways tractor. Chris Hall Photo. Ford LTA Aeromax with old style logo on the trailer. Chris Hall Photo. Mack Ultra-Liner COE. Chris Hall Photo.
GMC Steel Tilt COE poses with new exterior post Can-Car trailer in Montreal, Quebec for its official photo. These GMC's were powered with one of GM's famed "Twin-Six" V-12 gasoline engines. Kingsway would use these tractors well into the 1970's, when they were phased out of service in favor of diesel equipment. Chris Hall Photo.

Special Note from a former Kingsway employee: The V-12 engined trucks were downgraded to local service and sent out to smaller yards as they were very reliable. I owned one which I purchased from a Ford dealer. When I scrapped the truck the engine had more than a million miles on it and the oil pan was never of off it. They were a treat to drive but needed to be kept in tune to get their best service and gas miles.

Late 80's International SF-2300 from Kingsway Transport, taken in Scarborough, Ontario in the late 80's. These tractors were originally purchased to run doubles between Toronto and Montreal at night and server in P&D service during the day. Doug McKenzie Collection. Freightliner COE from Kingsway Transport taken at Copper Cliff, Ontario in August 1977. Doug McKenzie Collection. Kingsway Freightliner cabover with Detroit Diesel 12V-71 engine, Jifflox tag axle. Kingsway locked the Jifflox in place and removed the second 5th wheel. Taken at Kingston Ontario in August 1972. Doug McKenzie Collection.
Kingsway GMC Astro taken at Barrie, Ontario in June 1972. Doug McKenzie Collection. Kingsway GMC Astro daycab with a Cummins NTC-335 engine taken at Downsview, Ontario in August 1975. Doug McKenzie Collection. Kingsway Chevrolet Titan 90, Servall Division of Kingsway Transport taken at Scarborough Ontario in Spring 1988. Doug McKenzie Collection.
Freightliner conventional at Copper Cliff, Ontario in August 1977. International 4300 Transtar taken Northbound along Highway 11 south of Gravenhurst, Ontario in August 1977. Ford LT-9000 travelling westbound through Metropolitan Toronto, Ontario in May 1977.
Ford Model A restoration at an Antique Truck Society of Canada meet at Milton, Ontario in June 1983. Ford LN-9000 taken at Etobicoke, Ontario on June 14, 1986. Kenworth T-600A taken at Bradford, Ontario on August 6, 1986.
Ford LTL-9000 taken at Malton, Ontario on October 27, 1986. International S-2500 with a new logo trailer taken at Kingston, Ontario on July 26, 1987. International S-2500 with a natural aluminum trailer in the fog taken at Milton, Ontario on March 23, 1991.
Ford LTS-9000 with a Motorways single-axle pup taken at Mississauga, Ontario on April 2, 1991. Western Star taken at Guthrie, Ontario on May 30, 1991. Inspiration for your Italeri Freightliner kit? A rainy mornng shot of a Freightliner FLC-120 from Kingsway Transport with single-axle "wedge" vans at Sudbury Ontario. 1998 photograph.
A Kingway trailer before they were sold. Don Querciagrossa Collection. Kingsway Ford Aeromax taken just before the merger with Motorways in Toronto early 90's. These were brand new and had not been in service. Notice the Dayton wheels in 1991. Don Querciagrossa Collection. This Kenworth was leased to Kingsway Freightlines, running between Toronto and Calgary. The picture was taken in the yard of the Queenway Truckstop in Etobicke, Ontario, near the Kingsway terminal. Robert Archer Collection.
Kingsway International P&D truck. Ken Goudy Collection. Kingsway Kenworth with a set of doubles belonging to J.R.Thompson taken at Golden, BC near the Robin's Donuts. The photo may have been taken in the spring in 1990. Ken Goudy Collection. Kingsway Transport Mack cabover. Kingsway is now part of Cabano Kingsway Transport of Quebec. Gary Morton Collection.
These pictures were taken at Kingsway Transports' Tonawanda (Buffalo), NY terminal in March 1972. These tractors, a Mack on the left, and a White on the right, were used in operations to and from the border Customs compounds. Fred Gruin Jr. Collection. Here is a picture of a Kingsway Freightliner captured close to Kamloops, BC in 1986. Kim Loeb Collection.
A Kenworth cabover hauling for Kingsway, taken in the Thompson River canyon in 1975.
Kingsway Kenworth W900A, Winnipeg, Manitoba, June 1980. Paul Kane Collection. Kingsway Western Star, Cache Creek, British Columbia, June 1980. Paul Kane Collection. Kingsway Kenworth K100 COE Aerodyne, Northwest Ontario, June 1980. Paul Kane Collection.
Kingsway Western Star with single Mercury bunk, Winnepig, Manitoba, June 1980. Paul Kane Collection. Kingsway International F2575. Don Querciagrossa Collection. Kingsway Mack F Model. Don Querciagrossa Collection.
Kingsway covered wagon trailer Dearborn, MI 1984. Kingsway International F2575 with covered wagon trailer Toronto 1982. Kingsway Ford Louisville taken from an apartment window in around 1987. Wayne Crane Collection.
Kingsway International S Series in their original paint scheme, taken at their Hamilton, Ontario yard. This tractor is hooked up to a Direct Systems trailer. In the background is a Motorways trailer. Chris Hall Collection. Newer Ford Aeromax with the newer Kingsway logo on the van trailer. This photo was taken at Guelph, Ontario. Chris Hall Collection. Kingsway International S-F2500 with doubles. Mississauga Ontario. Doug Grieve Photo.
This was taken in the summer that Kingsway, which was then owned by Federal Industries, had taken over Motorways. The photo was taken at Nairn Center on a rainy August day. It was sad, because they removed the Kingsway "K" from the door of the tractor and replaced it with an all-white "M" with Motorways written through it. This logo was short lived and only used on the broker Kingsway tractors. Chris Hall Collection.

The first sale of Kingsway, was to Fast Freight by the then owner Canada Steamship Lines owned by Paul Martin. He sold them to raise funds when he started his first attempt to run for Prime Minister of Canada. After that they were purchased by Federal Industries. At that time they also took over Motorways, Cougar And Tri-Line and all their real estate. Servall and Cougar were combined, as were Kingsway and Motorways. Tri-Line was left as a seperate company, however some of its heavy haul was transfered to Servall. But it was all not compatible. In part, the division of companies was done to keep the union parts together and the non-union seperate.

Servall Transport

Servall started in small yard in Concord Ontario then moved down to the old Canadian Overnite yard in Scarbourgh, Ontario in the early 80's. Then Servall moved down to the Overland yard in Mississauga were it ended its days.

The truckload division of Kingsway Transport using leased power from owner-operators. Their terminal was based in Scarborough, Ontario during the mid-80's, where most of these photographs were taken.

Kenworth K-100 COE taken at Scarborough, Ontario in March 1977. GMC General taken at Bowmanville, Ontario on September 12, 1985. Western Star taken at Oshawa, Ontario on March 16, 1986.
Peterbilt 359 taken in the fog at Scarborough, Ontario on April 6, 1986. Western Star with a Consolidated Fastfrate trailer taken at Scarborough, Ontario on August 29, 1987. Freightliner FLC-120 taken at Scarborough, Ontario on May 14, 1986.
Autocar AT64F. As these Autocars were not normally sold in Canada, this is probably one of the many US-based owner-operators who leased to Servall. This picture was taken a Scarborough, Ontario on May 16, 1986. International CO-F9670 with a 110-inch BBC sleeper taken at Scarborough, Ontario on August 9, 1986. Mack R-600ST taken at Scarborough, Ontario on May 1, 1987.
Marmon conventional taken at Etobicoke, Ontario on May 5, 1988. Freightliner FL-112 taken at Oshawa, Ontario on November 27, 1988. Kingsway was a major carrier in Canada. The eastern portion was sold to Cabano, hence the name Cabano Kingsway. They also operated a full truckload carrier called Servall. Don Querciagrossa Collection.
This Kingsway/Servall Kenworth Aerodyne was parked at a Union 76 Truckstop near Whitestown, IN in 1984. David E. Miller Collection.

Brocklesby Transport

Kingsway also operated the former John H. Brocklesby Transport of Montreal, Quebec.

International 4300 at Bowmanville, Ontario taken October 12, 1985. Kenworth W-900B owned and operated by Doug Tulk, then of Scarborough, Ontario taken June 19, 1988. Here is a picture of a Kenworth 900 model long hood driving for Brocklesby. This picture was taken in Vancouver, BC 1984. Kim Loeb Collection.
This picture shows a Mack R-700 tractor running for Brocklesby. This picture was taken in Vancouver, BC in 1984. Kim Loeb Collection. Here is a Kingsway/Brocklesby, Chev Titon taken on highway # 17 near Marathon, Ontario. A load of fiberglass tanks. William Weatherstone Collection.
This photo was taken at the scale shack just west of Regina, Saskatchewan, east bound. It is Kingsway Transport.(heavy haul division) formerly, BROCKLESBY FLOAT SERVICE, Montreal PQ. The original colours were solid orange, with a bit of black trim. This particular load was 14' wide, and had to have pilot escorts. William Weatherstone Collection.
Here are a couple of pictures, one of my father in 1986 in his Ford 9000 before leaving for Toronto from Windsor. My Father's name is Marcel Delisle and was domiciled out of Windsor, Ontario. The other picture is that of Kingsway Transports employee handbook I came across in some things at my Mom's house. My father worked for Kingsway for Over 35 years and had 3 million accident free miles before retiring in 1992. -- Patrick Delisle and Family

Consolidated Fastfrate

For some information of Consolidated Fastfrate, check out their History


Ford LT-9000 Louisville from Consolidated Fastfrate, after the merger of the former and Kingsway/Motorways. Steel disk wheels give this tractor away as a former Motorways tractor. Fastfrate refurbished several former Motorways and Kingsway tractors for their use. Chris Hall Photo.
Consolidated Fastfrate International at the dock at Dominion Storage. Ken Goudy Collection. McNeil was an LTL carrier that operated between Montreal and Toronto with intermediate points. Taken at Toronto terminal in late early 80's. Don Querciagrossa Collection. McNeil-McGrath Consolidated Frastfrate trailer. Don Querciagrossa Collection.
Annotation by Rob Archer

McNeil was based in Brockville, Ontario, and were amalgamated with McGrath of Burlington. They were run under the Consolidated Fast Freight banner as McNeil-McGrath.

Cabano Kingsway

Kenworth W-900B in Kingsway colors after Cabano purchase. Chris Hall Photo. Cabano-Kingsway Mack CH-600. Chris Hall Photo.
Cabano Freightliner with Beauce Express trailer, a company they purchased. They are now called Cabano Kingsway and are the largest LTL carrier in Eastern Quebec and Maritimes. Don Querciagrossa Collection.
Cartier Transport was one of 6 companies purchased and operated by Epeditex, LTD. They concentrated their operations along the St. Lawrence from Montreal to the East. All of their companies had the same livery except for the name. They were purchased by Cabano Transport in 1988. Don Querciagrossa Collection.
McGill Air with older colored trailer and new paint scheme Kenworth tractor. Seen here near their BC office at Annacis Island. McGill Kenworth in their older colors pulling a Cabano Kingsway trailer, also taken near their Annacis Island office. A closer view of the McGill Kenworth T2000.
Here are a couple of McGill Transport Kenworths parked along the road on Annacis Island. Here is a picture of a Transport McGill International Kenworth seen parked on one of the many streets on Annacis Island.
Transforce has apparently merged the operations of Daily Motor Freight into Cabano-Kingway. Here is a Cabano Kingsway trailer, with a Daily decal on the nose. Picture taken May 2002 in Missisauga, Ontario. Robert Archer Collection. Transport Papineau operated an LTL operation which used the orange and green livery and International truck load operation which used the blue and white. Transforce purchased Transport Papineau. Don Querciagrossa Collection.
Doug McKenzie's Comments:

Mirabel Leasing of St. Jerome Quebec was also owned by Papineau Transport. Part of their operation was to provide equipment for Rolland Paper, also of St. Jerome Quebec. At Rolland, all of the equipment was leased from Papineau and the drivers were leased from an outside-sourced personel agency - probably this is where Papineau US originated from.

I drove this particular Kenworth for a short time in the summer of 1978 - until it was replaced with a brand-new S-Series International from McCleave Leasing here in Ontario.

The Kenworth was pretty well equipped for it's day: A Cummins NTC-350 engine, 13-speed Roadranger transmission and 44,000 lb rear axles on Kenworth's own "Big 6" inverted spring and rod suspension. Nightly the truck would haul payloads in excess of 70,000 lbs of roll stock between Scarborough Ontario and Brockville Ontario where it switched with a truck out of St. Jerome Quebec. During the day it delivered finished paper to customers in the Toronto area.

Of particular note, the truck was also featured in Truck Tracks sometime in 1978 - in an article written about Canadian trucking by Colin Peck.

For it's size and heaviness, the Kenworth proved particularly adept at city work - once you became used to it's foibles. Everyone who used it enjoyed driving it and for a couple, there were no dry eyes the night it made it's trip back to Quebec when replaced by the International (not me, though). I believe it was eventually assimilated into the Papinea Transport fleet, for I remember seeing it once or twice in St. Jerome a year or two after I left Rolland Paper in Scarborough.

This Cabano Kingsway city unit has several Transforce liveries. The tractor is painted Cabano Kingsway, the trailer Papineau but the roll up door is from McGill. Mississauga ON June 2003. Robert Archer Collection. This Freightliner is leased to Besner.
This Volvo from Daily was pulling a Transport LeBlanc trailer on January 3, 2004. The tractor of this Kingsway International is painted in Transforce colours. The trailer is still showing a Cabano Kingsway logo.
Location: Mississauga ON March 2004. Robert Archer Collection.
This Cabano Kingsway Freightliner tractor is pulling a trailer from Thompson's Transfer, another company that Transforce bought.
Location: Port Credit ON April 2004. Robert Archer Collection.
This Volvo is run by an owner operator and leased to TST Truck Load Services based in Mississauga ON. TST Truck Load is the successor company to Trojan Freight Lines.
Location: Lakeview ON March 2004. Robert Archer Collection.
Here is a Freightliner from McGill Air.
Location: Etobicoke (Toronto) ON June 2004

Here are some Kingsway pictures from the Wayne Crane Collection
The new General I think it was 85-86 on top of Old women 17 north. Rennard Surette Collection. The last trip for the old General on it's way to be traded in on the new Kenworth. Rennard Surette Collection. 1992 Kenworth on his first trip out of Toronto to Winnipeg. I took it at the mall parking lot in the Sault. Rennard Surette Collection.

Kingsway Transport Mack R600 Freightliner FLD-112 parked at a hockey arena. My brother-in-law drove it to and from Winnipeg to Toronto in the mid to late 80's.
Ford CL9000 day cab owned by and owner/operator in Whitby, Ontario in the late 80's to early 90's. Mack Ultraliner working for Servall taken late at night in Whitby, Ontario in the early 90's.
Western Star with a trailer load of tractors, taken ina mall in Pickering, Ontario in the mid to early 90's. GMC General pulling a rack and tarp trailer in Ajax, Ontario in the mid 80's. White Freightliner taken at the 5th Wheel in Bowmanville in the early 80's.
Western Star pulling a trailer for Cougar Freight Systems, taken in the industrial area of Mississauga, Ontario in the early 90's. Western Star parked somewhere in Nova Scotia. Tom Richie Photo. Ford LTL8000 parked in the Kingsway yard. It is from Calgary, Alberta. The truck beside it is a Mack R600. Photo was taken in the mid 80's.

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