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I am the photographer who shot the 50th anniversary poster with 1989 50th anniversary Pete.
Here is the final color photo before the agency added the Copy for the poster.
This shows how I raised the side of the truck to get the dramatic angle. Simple - we just made ramps of 2x10's and drove the rig right up. This is the crew shot from the poster shoot. The art director ( Pierre Jacot ) is at the right, and I am standing up between the cab and the trailer. The truck driver is standing below me to camera left, and my two assistants are at the far left. This shot is the rig leaving the Ritz after the shoot. I title that one " Valet park this please! "


If you go to my website you can see a couple of examples in the Composites section of later work for Peterbilt where I did some cool digital strips of Pete's
It was much more fun doing it completely on location.

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