Richard Mohr Collection
Richard meets Hank in Sydney April 11, 2014
Richard and Hank meet face-to-face in Sydney on April 11, 2014
Richard worked for the Freightliner dealer in Kempsey in Australia.

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This is a new Mercedes Benz Actros 2643 which the dealership where Richard works recently sold to this firm. It is powered by a V6 Mercedes Diesel engine, bogie drive and the normal Mercedes "wire" gear change (electronic which is standard on all these vehicles). It is fitted with disc brakes all round and has an approximately 24 feet long tray for carting building supplies for a building firm based in Kempsey to various projects all around New South Wales. This is a Freightliner FLC112 fittewd with a C12 CAT motor and a 33,000 litre Milk Tank tri-axle trailer. It is carting bulk milk from this area to the city markets in Sydney and Brisbane and is covering approx 10,000 kilometeres a month. This vehicle was sold by the dealership where Richard works in August,2000. This is another Freightliner Century Class C120 fitted with a CAT C12 motor and hauling a tri-axle gas tanker. It delivers LPG gas to various outlets along the mid north copast of NSW and is based in Coffs Harbour. Interestingly the registration number plate reads LPG 115.
This is the first Argosy sold by the dealership where Richard works after their release into Australia. It is fitted with a C15 CAT motor and tows a 40ft tria-axle flat bed trailer. It is used for carrying bricks and general freight. This photo was taken on the day of delivery- 1st July,2000 This is one of an order of 10 bought by this company -John L Pierce of Sydney. This vehicle is a Century Class C112 and has a C12 CAT motor. Used for hauling Petroleum products into our local area. A friend of Richard drives this particular vehicle. This is another new Argosy the dealership sold lately. It is fitted with a Detroit S60 motor and used on overnight express freight between Sydney and Coff Harbour. This vehicle is only a couple of month old.
Just a view of some of the models Richard has built over the past years. All together Richard has about 50 1/25th scale model trucks in his collection. Some are customised to Australian design - others built straight from the box. A Business Class Freightliner in Kempsey. IT is fitted with a CAT C12 motor and is used for carting general freight along the Eastern Seaboard of Australia. A 1988 Mack Valueliner with a 350HP motor. This vehicle is attached to a tri-axle skel trailer and will be used for carting logs from forests to various sawmills in the local area.
A Mack CH Fleetliner hauling BP Petroleum Products from Newcastle to Mid North Coast of NSW. Another Business Class Freightliner towing a tri-axle tautlier trailer signwritten in Queensland Freight Management Logo. This vehicle is used for general freight haulage between Sydney & Brisbane. A new 2643 V6 Mercedes Benz Actros about to be delivered. It will be put to work as a Milk Tanker picking up Bulk Milk from farms and delivering it to a Milk processing centre.
This is a 98 model Kenworth K100 fitted with a 525HP Cummins hauling genearl freight. It has a name up on the windscreen stone guard- "The Interstate Yo Yo" A century Class Freightliner owned by the same people that own the Kenworth K100. Has a CAT C12 engine and also hauls general freight. 1928 Linn Truck. A fully restored 1928 Linn Truck complete with solid rubber tyres on the front and tracks on the rear. It was used for hauling logs out of the bush when it was first put to work. It is now fully restored and owned by a collector in Queensland.
This is a UD truck fitted with a freezer body,. It distributes Streets Ice Cream and frozen food products to retail outlets around the area where Richard lives in Australia. This was a photo taken of Richard at the front of his workplace the day after I bought his new 4-wheel drive. It is a Holden Jackaroo ( made by Isuzu/General Motors), 3 ltr intercooled turbo diesel, 5 speed overdrive gearbox and disc brakes all round. KINGS 1421 SCHOOL BUS: This is a new Mercedes Benz 1421 school bus typical of what is used in Australia for school runs, picking up students for school.
A Freightliner FLB in B-Double configuration used on the main freight corridors of Australia. A Mercedes Benz 1734 single drive prime mover. Hauls a Furniture Pantech up and down the east coast of Australia. A Lindsay Bros Ford Louisville at rest at a recent truck show in Grafton. This company is a family owned company operating about 200 vehicles with depots in Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane. They carry a lot of produce to the various produce markets and can be seen over a greater part of the eastern side of Australia.
Saville FLC Business Class Freightliner in the colours of Blue Circle Southern Cement. Has a CAT C12 motor and is used hauling bulk cement throughout NSW. Kenworth cattle road train. This is a typical configuration for road train operation in the Northern Territory. This truck is 3 trailers of 2 deck per trailer for carrying livestock. Trucks like this operate all over the top end of Australia. carrying all types of freight. They could be all cattle cartage, fuel haulage or general freight. Royce Everson's Volvo. This truck is based near Albury (southern NSW) and runs between Melbourne and Brisbane with liquid Carg. It is a late model Volvo fitted with a Cummins Motor.
T404 Kenworth. This unit is only about 6 months old and carries general freight. It is fitted with a CAT C15 motor. Roadmaster IVECO. This is an IVECO Truck owned by Roadmaster Haulage. It is powered by a Detroit S60 motor. Northpower FL80 Freightliner used by the local electricity authority for work on high tension electricity lines. It is fitted with a hydraulic "cherry picker" attachment used for working at heights on power lines.
KSC Garbage Compactor. A Freightliner FL80 used as a garbage compactor with the local council. It is dual controls and is fitted with a Cummins ISC motor and Alison Automatic gearbox. T600 Kenworth, owned by Australian Native Landscapes of Sydney. Used for carrying landscaping supplies. Photo taken on the river bank near Kempsey Traffic Bridge. FLC112 Freightliner, powered by a Detroit S60 motor. Used for haulage of refrigerated goods between Brisbane and Forster (south of Kempsey)
1998 model EF4700 International powered with an N14 Cummins. 1979 model ACCO 2152B: Owned by one of the local concrete companies. This is an International truck powered by a 555 Cummins and Alison Auto gearbox. The concrete agitator bowl is approx 6 metres capacity. 1990 Western Star 4864 short bonnetted version powered by a Detroit Series 60 motor
A 1995 model Western Star fitted with a detroit S60 motor and a 45ft tri-axle tautliner trailer. Just one from the fleet of Hitchcocks Haulage based at Nowra on the South Coast of New South Wales. This 1995 model International S3600 is used exlusively used for carting woodchip and sawdust from sawmills. It is fitted with a walking floor trailer which walks the load off the trailer when unloading. The truck has been named "KINDRED SPIRIT" by the driver. A W900 Kenworth used for hauling logs from the forest to sawmills for processing. It is fitted with a snap-pole jinker trailer which is 'piggy backed' when not in use.
Here is a note from Richard:

"We had a new model Mercedes Benz released in Victoria last week. It is the Mercedes Benz ATEGA which has been around in Germany for a while but it has just reached our shores. They are quite a good looking truck so it will be interesting to see how they sell out her. I believe quite a few were sold before the release and I know there has been some interest in them at work before their release."

Mercedes Benz ATEGA fitted with a pantech body. Mercedes Benz ATEGA fitted with a tilt tray vehicle recovery body. Mercedes Benz ATEGA fitted with a tautliner body.
This was an Australian designed Kenworth that was very popular in their time. There are still quite a number running the highways of Australia. This particular truck is fitted with a CAT 3406 motor and is still running freight between Sydney & Brisbane. This is an International ACCO T2670 and is shown towing a dog trailer. This vehicle was used for carting woodchip to Newcastle for export overseas. International truck used in the original "Crocodile Dundee" movie. It was a C1500 International and was part of a street parade in Kempsey.
One of a fleet of Freightliners and Mercedes Benz trucks all used for furniture transport. They travel all over the east coast of Australia with the occassional trip across "the paddock" to Perth. This truck is fitted with a Detroit S50 motor and is towing a Freighter bogey furniture pantechnicon. This is one of 4 Freightliners in the fleet. A Freightliner owned by Barry Follp from Coffs Harbour. Carries a variety of bulk loads. The truck is fitted with a tri-axle Lusty tipper trailer. An International S3600 hauling a gas tanker for Kleenheat gas
An Iveco 4500 high roof fitted with a 420HP Iveco motor. The trailer is a 45 foot triaxle Freighter Tautliner trailer. Carries sawn timber to Sydney and delivers cement to the mid north coast. this truck is owned by my neighbour and is about 2 years old. A very well presented Peterbilt owned by Australian Native Landscapes of Sydney. Used for the transport of gardening and horticultural supplies in the Sydney Metropolitan area. Not many Peterbilts are seen on Australian roads - those that are seen have been imported and converted to right hand drive for Australian roads. A T400 Kenworth used specifically for delivering Coca Cola products around the Grafton area of New South Wales. The vehicle is owned by Mills Transport of Murwillumbah.
Kenworth tanker from the fleet of John L Pierce from Sydney. This one is used for the distribution of petroleum products usually in the Sydney/Newcastle metropolitan area. A new Freightliner for the local electricity authority in the Kempsey District. This unit is fitted with a hydraulic post hole borer/crane for erecting power poles. The truck is fitted with a Cummins ISC 285 motor. A Mercedes Benz Actros owned by Mike Barlin of Taree. This vehicle is used for picking up milk from dairy farms and transporting to Milk Processing Plants.
Iveco Powerstar 4500. This vehicle belongs to McDonalds Transport of Brisbane and was floodbound in Kempsey. Mill Transport. A T600 Kenworth belonging to Mills Transport from Murwillumbah having a stopover during the floods. This Mack Trident is also floodbound at Kempsey High School waiting for floodwater to recede.
Another of Lindsay Bros fleet towing a Woolworths Supermarket pantech and held up during the Kempsey Floods. T604 B-Double cattle float. This vehicle was in town for a few hours after the floods waiting to load cattle and transport to cattle country in western New South Wales. CAT Truck: This is the latest Race Truck that Inky Tulloch from New Zealand will be racing in Australia this year. It is fitted with a CAT C12 motor and I believe it is very fast on the race track. At this stage I haven't seen this truck race but hopefully will towards the middle of the year.
Ford Aeromax of Australia Post. A vehicle from the Fleet of Australia Post that transports mail between mail sorting centres on the East Coast of Australia. (Also floodbound in Kempsey). Flynns Transport T600 Kenworth with refrigerated trailer waiting for the water over the highway to subside.
A 1995 model Freightliner used for transporting cars to various locations. It is painted up in the colours of the TNT Car Carrying Division. Bon Macarthur Western Star that operates out of Sydney running to Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. The eastern state trucks run out of Sydney nightly and the Perth trucks twice weekly. This truck does the Sydney/ Brisbane run 6 nights a week, changing drivers in Kempsey.
Mack Manager which sport the Renault badge in the grille. This one is used fot towing a low loader carrying earth moving machinery. The Freightliner is owned by Clarkes Transport of Kempsey and the trailer is signwritten with Tile Power logo - wall and floor tile wholesalers in the area. 1994 K100 Kenworth with a B-Double milk tanker trailer cofiguration. This one had just been in for it's initial inspection for registration before it could be used on our roads. This unit will be carting milk to Sydney.
These two photos of the Kenworth are the same truck and trailer showing the different signage on the curtains. It is a T950 Kenworth owned by Boylans Transport of Echuca. The signs on the curtains of the trailer are advertising for Nestle Smarties and Milo products. 1975 F-model twin steer Mack set up as a salvage vehicle for heavy vehicles.
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