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My late husband, Earl McClure, started driving truck in 1941, in Alaska, as a young man. Earl drove when the Alaska Freightlines drove over snow to prove the feasibility of servicing the Dew Lines sites. Alaska Freightlines was instrumental in getting regular barge service to Alaska and continued until just before Sealand established in Alaska. The first year he accompanied the 'Monster', built by LeTourneau, to a site on the extreme North of Alaska. The second year the convoy of trucks drove Northeast across Canada. Earl also drove for Mitchell Truck and Tractor, the Alaska Freightlines, Sealand for a brief period and was owner-operator for Lynden Transport. One of his drivers built a scale model duplicate of one of my husband's trucks and presented it to him.

Army surplus Autocar Earl McClure drove in 1947 for the Alaska Territorial Road Commission. Earl hauled fuel from Fairbanks to Tok Junction during the winter. Alaska Freightlines Kenworth CBE's (cab beside engines). Kenworth in Keystone Canyon that Earl was driving is a Bayless & Roberts truck, hauling for their bulk stations from Valdez to Copper Center, Tok Junction & Delta Junction.
These trucks were owned by Mitchell Truck & Tractor. Earl drove for Mitchell in 1949-51. Here are pictures of one of Mitchell's Kenworth's. Mitchell International KB8
Mitchell Truck & Tractor International "West Coaster." Tonsina Hill was another bugger in the winter time. Here is a shot of a Kenworth taken on the top of Tonsina Hill. Earl's "LUCKY" truck, a 1954 Kenworth. Earl's Luck Truck was such because when they were driving sleeper, his partner driver flipped the truck, was killed but Earl was unscathed which was unusual in a cabover. When it was repaired, Earl had no qualms about driving it.
4 Mile hill was on the South side of Thompson Pass out of Valdez. These roads have changed for the better since the Pipeline construction. Here are shots of a jack knifed semi on 4 Mile Hill.
Western Star cabover that Earl owned when he hauled for Lynden Transport Inc. Lynden Transport Peterbilt cabover Lynden Transport Peterbilt 359 conventional
Walt Farmer leased his Freightliner to Lynden Transport, seen here with a load of pipeline pipes. Here is a very old picture from Patricia's Father's driving days. Mark Sinclair Lumber trucks taken in the 1930's.

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