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Paul has a special request:
I am looking for pictures of trucks that are owned by company's that do clean-up work, such as, Hulcher Emergency Service's, RJ Corman, and Maggio's out of Rockford IL. Also looking for Railroad owned Boom Trucks, Lowboys, etc.....Here are some photos of what I am looking for...

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Ford
Hulcher Professional Service Peterbilt
Heavy duty Kenworth re-railing a derailed set of cars.
Here is a picture of a Burlington Northern Ford dump truck. Paul built a scale model of this truck, which can be seen at the 1/87 Vehicle Club Web Site. Here is a linked picture to the 1/87 Vehicle Club Web Site that shows Paul's model that he built. Burlington Northern Peterbilt
BNSF Peterbilt
BNSF Mobile Classroom
BNSF Mobile Classroom trailer
Union Pacific GMC Brigadier
Union Pacific Peterbilt
Union Pacific Kenworth
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Freightliner lowboy.
Santa Fe Kenworth tow truck
Union Pacific Freightliner 150 ton rerail crane.
Western Star HY-Rail Tractor sitting at Johnson County Community College used for RR training.
RJ Corman loading a boxcar heading for the scrapper.

American Red Cross Kenworth cabover
R.J.Corman Peterbilt 377 pipelayer. Hulcher Professional Service Peterbilt Burnhart Crane and Rigging in St. Joseph MO moving transformers and generators in 1999.
Burnhart Crane & Rigging Kenworth Burnhart Crane & Rigging Kenworth
Heavy Co. Lincoln, NE Mack and Lowboy in St. Joseph MO moving transformers in 1999.
This picture is the APAC Mill, that is the company I work for I run the side of the RoadTec Mill. We were doing some work for Reno Construction also owned by APAC. Our Mill doesn't fit on their lowboy so it has to be hauled backwards which leaves the boom sticking about 10 foot pass the rear end of the trailer. Chester Bross Trucking Mack and mill. Pavlich Dump Truck is out of Kansas City, KS. They own a beautiful fleet of Peterbilt Dump Trucks
Anchor Trucking Peterbilt
Anchor Trucking Peterbilt
Anchor Trucking Peterbilt
Herzog Autocar 6x6 cement mixer
Herzog Autocar 6x6 cement mixer
Herzog Ashkosh 6x6 cement mixer
Geiger Kenworth mixer
Builder's Choice Freightliner cement mixer
Herzog offroad racing Western Star
Agency Auto Salvage Ford
Dupuis Concrete Ford
Geiger 1949 Ford cabover
Graebel Van Lines Kenworth T600
Pavlich Inc. Peterbilt end dump
Some race trucks that where in St. Joesph, belonging to Tyrone Malone.

Here are some pictures that Paul took when he was at the ATHS Convention and Truck Show at Kansas City, MO in May 2002.

These pictures were taken at the Kansas City, MO terminal where the CF auction was to be held in May 2003.
CF Freightliner FLD 120 sleeper 28-189. Paul Knowles Collection.
CF Freightliner FLC 28-750. Paul Knowles Collection.
Damaged CF Freightliner FLB's. Paul Knowles Collection.
CF Freightliner sleeper 14-3554. Paul Knowles Collection.
CF yard hoster. Paul Knowles Collection.
CF Ford city tractor. Paul Knowles Collection.
CF Ford bobtail 154-323. Paul Knowles Collection.
Another view of the damaged Freightliner FLB's. Paul Knowles Collection.
A long view of the CF tractors at the Kansas City, MO terminal. Paul Knowles Collection.
CF 176-2290 Freightliner FL70
CF Freightliner FL?? tractor
CF 10-2355 Freightliner FLD120
CF Ford L7000 tractor
CF 156-3187 International tractor
CF Ford Aeromax and Freightliner FLB tractors
CF Freightliner sleeper tractors
Someone hauling a CF pup trailer away
CF Freightliner tractors
More CF Freightliner tractors
CF Ford and Freightliner tractors
CF International tractors

These following pictures are from Paul Knowles.
I shot these a couple of days ago the trailers are being scraped down off of Manchester Drive in KC MO.
I have to drive by this sad sad scene everyday on my way out to work.
Scrap CF trailers. CF Freightliner cabover with a set of doubles.
CF Freightliner cabover with a load of convertor dollies. CF Freightliner conventional with a set of doubles. One CF Freightliner giving another one a ride.

US Army Ford
Orange KW sitting at a Peterbilt Dealership in Kansas City, KS
A new Watkins Volvo sitting in Westfall GMC's lot in Kansas City, MO.
Peterbilt Tow Truck belonging to Bill Button Wrecker Service of St.Joseph, MO.
Union Pacific International Lowboy in Council Bluffs, IA. Union Pacific Freightliner in Des Moines, IA. Union Pacific ex CNW Ford LTL 9000 in Des Moines, IA.
Missouri Paific MOW Ford F600 in Des Moines, IA. Oshkosh Snowplow in Des Moines, IA. 1952 Bullnose KW in Des Moines, IA dealership.
Two Mid-State Forms trucks are used for hauling concrete wall forms to the job sites.
Here is an International Paystar 5000.
Mid-State Forms Peterbilt 378. Romeo Trucking Peterbilt 377 has to be one of the nicest dump trucks in the Kansas City MO area.

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