Paul White Truck Drawings and Photography
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These drawings are the copyright of Paul White and no one may use these without expressed permission from Paul White

International Acco Kenworth K100G Aerodyne Kenworth watercolour
Mack Cruiseliner watercolour Mack R600 Flintstone NQX Kenworth K100G Aerodyne
NQX Kenworth K100G Aerodyne coloured

This Onesteel truck is the truck that I drive most days. I am working part time for the local retail steel outlet called ONESTEEL and my job is as a storeman and delivery driver.

The other truck that I drive regularly is an Isuzu semi, it is used to deliver steel up to 12m's long. . It is only a single drive prime mover or in your language a 2 axle tractor.

Acton Land & Cattle Co. Volvo
Curley Cattle Transport Kenworth trucks
The Truck is a Kenworth T904 operated by Kalari. They are hauling bulk cement between Adelaide and George Fisher Mine site just out of town. They are pulling Bulk Cement tanks as a roadtrain and the tanks are the same colour as the primemover and a site to behold.

A friend and I went away for Easter, with the hope of taking some photographs of Lawn Hill Gorge and so we headed out on Saturday leaving later than we expected. Well we hadn't gone that far when we thought it may all be in vane. We were travelling on dirt roads and at one stage we had to stop because we couldn't see the bonnet of the 4x4 because it was raining so heavy and we had to contend with rising creeks and then later on black soil roads wet from the rain. We were heading to a little place called Gregory and it is part of a cattle station called Gregory Downs. Well the last 100km or 60 miles took us 3 1/2 hrs in 4 wheel drive. So we arrived at Gregory at about 11.30pm and decided to stay the night. The next morning we had planned to drive on into Lawn Hill only to find out that they had, had 5 inches of rain that night and there was flooding. So we decided to drive home. the long way to avoid the mud from the night before. The photos are from the trip home. The first 3 photos (you may have to put them in order) were taken by a my friend who is a photographer using my 50D and my new 100-400 Canon lens I just purchased.The rest of the photos I took myself. The road is a main road into the gulf town called Burketown. The roadtrain was in front of us and we followed it into the Burke and Wills roadhouse at the Three Ways.
These two roadtrains were at Burke and Wills roadhouse between Cloncurry and Normanton.
They are side tippers, we had followed them in.

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