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Gary Ellis is wanting some pictures and information on the following western Canadian companies:
Trans Canada Highway Express             M & P Transport (Mohr & Parker)
D.S. Scott             Midland Superior
If you can help him out, send me an e-mail, or Gary Ellis directly.

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These 3 photos are of the Oshawa Generals bus. The Oshawa Generals are part of the OHL (Ontario Hockey League). They are one of the oldest franchise's in the league. They were OHL Champions from 1983 through to 1944, 1966, 1983, 1987, 1990 and 1997.They were also Memorial Cup Champions in 1939, 1940, 1944 and 1990. Former players from the Oshawa Generals were Ted Lindsay, Bobby Orr and Eric Lindross who ended up playing in the NHL. Photo's taken in downtown Toronto, December 2005.
This bus is owned by Coach Canada and used by the Peterborough Petes hockey team of the OHL. Players depicted on the passenger side are Eric Staal at the centre of the bus and Chris Pronger at the back. On the drivers side of the bus in the centre is Mike Ricci and at the back is Tie Domi. These four players are all NHL players. The Peterborough Petes were official formed October 1, 1956. They were the first farm team for the Montreal Canadians and played their first game November 6, 1956. The Petes have had the most Memorial Cup appearances for a franchise (7), but only won 1 which was in 1979.

These are pictures of the bus used by the Belleville Bulls hockey team of the OHL. The bus is owned by Foley Bus Lines from Madoc, Ontario. The driver told me that the rear wheels of the bus turn when backing up thus making it fairly easy in tight quarters. He was kind enough to allow me on board to photograph the interior of the bus. He also told me that it has 4 onboard computers, 1 for the coach and 3 for the players so they can keep in touch with home or do school work while travelling. I couldn't resist taking a picture of the front of the bus with the eyes painted on it.
This is the bus for the Mississauga Ice Dogs of the OHL hockey club. This club was sold in June, 2007 and moved to St. Catherine's, Ontario. The team will be renamed the Niagara Ice Dogs. Photo taken at Newcastle, Ontario, March 2007. This is a 1937 Chevy school bus. Apparently it came from the state of Washington. Photo taken at Mitchell's Corners, Ontario, June 2007.
Challenger Motor Freights' recruiting bus taken at Truck World 2008 in Toronto in April 2008

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