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1990 Peterbilt 379 425 Cat 13 dble over 373 rears 18" Texas bumper, single head lites. 285 wheel base, full fenders, 1949 front fenders
Scripture on rear of sleeper " For God will take care of all the men women and children who lost their lives on this tragic day, We will always remember, Sept 11/01. Chain steering wheel 20 gauges, low base seat, wood door panels. 2 lower door windows, chrome shifter, tilt tele
Dual air ride seats, jvc stereo 2 12 inch subs Dual Vortex, stainless boxes, 5 inch chrome under cab, J brackets.
Yellow Peter with a face lift same truck Cowl extenders, 6 inch choptop reversed peterbilt front fenders. High rise fifth wheel, 120 narrow, tanks
20 inch front bumper, 9 led lites across roof. All Gas Pump Customs stainless Accessories, including steering wheel and all dash components. All stainless Gas Pump Customs Accessories.
3406 E 500 Hp converted to electronic by Gas pump Customs Overhead windshield wipers, reversed mirror Now has Peterbilt low leaf
Wood deck plate 285 wheel base Hard wood flooring, 12 inch sub woofer 22.5 rims on low profile tires
Gas Pump Customs head lite brackets Gas Pump Customs rear bumper, full fenders bolt up from behind bumper 6 inch side pipes. All work done by Rob Pellack at Gas Pump Customs
3rd place 1990 Peterbilt in 2001 1990 Pete, check out the windshield and wiper done by Gas Pump Customs
1990 Pete taken at a private truck show 1990 Pete Mirage 1990 Pete at a private truck show
1990 Pete - check out the bumper guides 1990 Pete with Hershey

1976 Kenworth before Gas Pump Customs 1976 Kenworth frontal shot after Gas Pump Customs
1976 Kenworth frontal shot after Gas Pump Customs
1978 Freightliner for Kingsway taken in 1980 1979 Freightliner for Kingsway 1980 Peterbilt for Kingsway
1981 Peterbilt cab for rebuilding The rebuilt 1981 Peterbilt for Kingsway
1987 R Model Mack for Kingsway 1987 R Model Mack for Kingsway with wire wheels
1978?? International for Kingsway 1984 Kenworth for Kingsway
1984 Freightliner with small sleeper 1984 Freightliner for Kingsway 1987 Freightliner 650 horse
Bob Pellack General Freight 1984 Freightliner Picture taken in approximately 1975 Electro Knit Fabrics Freightliner taken in 1976
50th Anniversary Peterbilt 1975 photo of an unidentified Freightliner

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