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Norton # 27 in 1959 with Peter Loewen. Note the short stack that was later changed to a long stack in other pictures. Norton # 27 with another unidentified B-61 Norton #25 & #26 taken in Wisconsin in 1959. I am the little guy standing between the 2 cabs. I remember we ran the whole day with 2 or 3 Nortons and a big Autocar with a sleeper. the fellow with his back to the camera is a Norton driver, father of the young guy cleaning the windshield. The trailer with the small refer did not have the Norton yellow strip, It was one of only afew trailers to have Norton in full height letters on the sides.
Norton #27 taken at a park beside the Mississippi between Lacrosse and St Paul Minn. The shine on the fenders was my job while my Dad got some sleep on a picnic table in the shade. Two Norton B-61ís between an unidentified B-61 and an Autocar at Red Wing Minnesota. The two boys are sonís of the Norton drivers.
Driver shots somewhere in Minnesota. The Norton drivers are the tall one in the center of the left picture, George Como if memory serves me well, and Peter Loewen on the left in the right pictures with me on the bumper. The two other men are drivers of the B-61 and Autocar. Norton driver George Como in Spring Green Wisconsin 1959
Peter Loewen with his CNR Dodge stake truck in St Catharineís in 1947 Kostek Transport 1952, 53 owned by broker Peter Loewen somewhere between St Catharines, ON and Haines City, Florida hauling produce to Ontario. Masons Cartage from Hamiltion ON White gas job with single axle rack trailer returning from the new Uranium mines in Elliott Lake ON in 1953, 54.
Masons Cartage from Hamilton ON in Boston and Hamilton hauling produce and fresh fish to Ontario.

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