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Roy "Porky" Parkinson, winter 1938 at Falkland B.C. Vanderspeck Freights Federal #4, no Hope Princeton yet, depending how things went, 3 to 4 days, Vancouver Penticton return !! Brooks Cartage, 9 Mile in the Fraser Canyon 1938.
Beer truck at the toll booth Spuzzum B.C. 1938 Lytton having a rest, 1939 Hyways plow truck, Boston Bar 1938
Cog Harrington's truck stop, gas station, repair shop, you name it, Boston Bar 1938. One of the first tandem axle's to run the Fraser Canyon, it's a White in front of Cog Harrington's, 1939. Country Freight Lines International, wrecked and on Cog's tow truck in Boston Bar 1938.
International with single axle trailer loaded with a mining derrick Boston Bar, 1939. Penticton Freight Lines and Cog Harrington's cab over Ford wrecker on a recovery in Spences Bridge B.C. 1939 Allison Pass, Expressways, 1956
O.K. Freight Lines, Friday Creek Hwy #3, a load of peaches will now be headed to the jam plant, 1959
Stevens Pass, Cascade Freight, 1956
Canadian Pacific Merchandise Services #12035,850 Mercury loading corrigated at Mac & Blo, Annasis Island. This puppy had lot's of grunt but only got about 2-3 miles to the gallon. 1969 #12035, again this time loading beer at Carling's Brewery for Vancouver Island. 1969
C.P. Transport #12074 International Emeryville, NH 220 Cummins 5 spd & 3spd axles, sent to Vancouver from back east, was a quick unit around town. Unloading kraft paper at Mac-Blo's bag plant in Burnaby, 1970 C.P.M.S. Slab cab Freightliner loading beer at Carlings beside one of Public Freightways Kenworth's. We thought our 335's cut back to 280's were bad, Public had NH 250's in these K.W.'s, 1970 C.P. Transport, Cabover Freightliner delivering the Star Weekly in Vancouver, it was sent out piggyback from Toronto every week for suppliment in the Vancouver Sun, 1970.
C.P. Transport, B-61 Mack single axle, I am picking up pipe at Fraser Surrey Docks, these Mack's originally hauled the Canada Mail to the Kootenay's when they were new, this one has been tandemized with a Paymaster and working in town, these critter's made young fella's old before their time !! Loading a new International T.D.30 at Vancouver Equipment on a brand new Columbia low-bed. 1969.
C.P. Transport's yard at 44 West Pender, at this time we were making the transition from Canadian Pacific Merchandise Services to C.P. Transport, some truck's red, some blue. Here we have cabover K.W.S and Freightliner's with drome boxes as well as a cabover Mercury 850 and a International 190 V-Liner, they had em all boy. Here's a cabover K.W. and Freightliner alone with an International Emeryville waiting at the shop for repairs. Most all of these CIO's were mid 60's, two-sticks, and they never had radio's ect. Dodge 800 at the shop hooked to a new Columbia tanker, C.P.s shop was about a mile away from the terminal, just under the Cambie street bridge past Sweeney Cooperage at the railways roundhouse, which was shared by the railroad as well as the trucking end of things.
International Emeryville at the shop, this truck hauled water from Shannon Falls near Squamish to Carling's Brewery for them to make Heidelberg Beer, 1970. Cabover K.W. with drome box at the steam rack, you can see around the left headlight were it bumped a moose in the ass at Quesnel. Another cabover K.W. getting steamed off before going into the shop.
#16075 Hayes Clipper C.P. got when they bought out Fred Loucks, this sweet little unit had a 1693 T.A. Cat engine, 13 Spd Roadranger, topped out at about 55 mph. but it had major grunt. Was pretty much used on heavy haul, pictured here loading a dragline, the other photo is at the shop being picked for part's, what a disguting way for a classic like this baby to go !!
Early 60's K.W. aluminum butterfly hood, glass fenders, NH 220 Cummins, 10 spd. Roadranger. This little gem has just been given a 5 gallon overhaul, dolled up with freshly painted silver wheels and hooked up to a brand new Columbia fuel tanker. It is headed out to Kinnaird for a new job hauling fuel in the Kootenays for Imperial Oil. This here is the initial start of Bulk Systems in B. C. if you can believe that. Mike Spitari who worked out of Vancouver moved back to Trail where he came from originally to handle this new undertaking.
C.P.M.S.#16054 after a wreck at Sumallo Lodge just out of Hope, the newspaper account said there was 15,800 brewskie's on board but no tally on spill's. Cabover Freightliner with drome box, bumped into a load of lumber up around Williams Lake. Sometimes these things look bad but with labour rates back then, new aluminum repair panels and bucket of pop rivets these old groaners were back on the road pretty quick.
This accident evolved an old friend of mine who I drove with in the 60’s, the load of sheet metal broke loose and shifted resulting in the roll over.
Single axle Freightliner cabover, this unit pulled an A-train three times a week from Vancouver to Kelowna and Vernon for Simpson Sears. On this particular trip a local Justice of the Peace got onto the wrong side of the hyway at Baileys corner just south of Vernon and the rest is history. The truck was back to work in about a month but the J.P. was finished with the law end of things.
#16122 Freightliner slab cab, passing a snow plow on the right and got tangled up with the wing blade, ouch !
C.P Transport #16137 International Emeryville, tried to dipsy doodle around a deer and ended up on it's lid.
C.P.T. # 16163 Fairly new K.W. that was hauling water for Carlings out of Shannon Falls lost it north bound empty on the Squamish hyway just before Porteau Cove, tanker was rented from Vedder Transport but was not damaged.
C.P. Transport # 16147 K.W. this truck had less than 1000 miles on it when it was rolled over near Gold River, before and after it's trip to Inland Kenworth for re-hab.
Here's a Canadian Pacific road engine that ran away from the wash rack one day with nobody on board. As I said before hand the trucks shared the roundhouse with the railraoad and there was a turntable out back, the engine fell into the turntable pit, ruptured ifs freshly fill fuel tanks and started on fire. All hands were on deck from the train guy's to the truck guy's with fire hoses until the Vancouver fire department arrived. Knowing C.P. The investigation is probably still ongoing !!
Here's a brand new K.W. tractor with new Trailmobile dry box chomping at the bit !! I worked with this guy for a couple year's, Bob McKenzie better known as "Big Mac", picture taken in Canadian Pacific's City Dispatch office. He and I would pull trailer's of the barges from Vancouver Island at Pier #3 every night then set up part of the next day's dispatch.
Freightening ride out of control down mile-long hill of snow-slick Hope-Princeton Highway ended with a crash on the weekend when double trailer truck flipped over in snowbank. Rig lost brakes at top of Whipsaw Hill west of Princeton. Driver George White escaped injury.

Note for Rod Parkinson:
At the time this picture was taken the Whipsaw Hill had not yet been changed and improved by the Copper Mine yet and was yet to be called "The Mine Hill".

Here I am at Kokanee Bay just out of Lac la Hache fueling up. We were hauling Moly out of Mc Leese Lake when B.C. Rail was on strike. Load at Gibraltar Mines then on to Vancouver Wharves. S-12 K.W. with Knight box and pony trailer. This job was a real gong show, ore was even being hauled on highboy's with pen boards, I guess when the boat's waiting for a load you just have to give her! Clark reefer at Hedley with a little road rash. I ran over the Hope Princeton with this guy the night before. He stopped at truck stop for a bite and I kept going, did'nt see him the next morning and found out why when I came back through the next day. He fell over just a little east of Hedely. Older KW. VIT owned by Johnny Hasset, unloading pipe at N.I.C.s yard in Calgary. Late 70's.
Bill Lynch # 69 KW. VIT 450 K model Cummins, here I am unloading eggs at Stan Kinkaids in Terrace,1977. Bill Lynch #69 Waiting for construction on Pine Pass, on my way to Fort Nelson with supplies to build a new sewage plant. Deregulation wasn't in yet but we were ahead of our time, we did it all, quietly of course. Bill Lynch # 69 Coming up Truch Mountain on the Alaska hyway 1977.
Bill Lynch # 29 KW. cabover 350 Cummins 13 spd. east bound on the Hope Princeton, this truck had no power steering and by the time Friday rolled around or even sooner your knuckles would be dragging on the ground. I think the day I put this thing into the 100lb sack bay at B.C. Sugar to load I lost ten pounds Bill Lynch #29 loading asparagus in Walla Walla Washington, fresh right out of the field's, blow it down with shaved ice and high tail it to Berryland Cannery in Haney. Here I am with Robert Martin at the Wallula Junction scale loaded with grass heading to the cannery in Haney.
Bill Lynch # 29 Just south of Mesa Washington on my way to Walla Walla. Quick leg stretch at Exshaw Alberta heading home. Bill Lynch Trucking unloading cardboard at Belkins in Penticton. This truck was Gordy Heibein's Freightliner 350 Cummins 15 spd. He originally started this particular truck running the Alaska hyway out of Dawson Creek, then went to Van-Kam and after that to Bill Lynch until the truck was sold to a guy out of Penticton.
Bill Lynch # 29 loading fertilizer at Fort Saskatchewan, you can see by the smile on my face loading the 1001b. sacks is finished. Sandstra Bros. cabover K.W. loading bulk fertilizer at Fort Saskatchewan.
Bill Lynch # 29 loaded with cedar shakes at a truckstop on the edge of Calgary waiting for the customer to show up, this load I won't forget till the day I expire. As I said we did it all, here I am loading a acid tank in Haney for delivery to Calgary. Took it all the way there to have them tell me it was shot and would just be junked, oh well we got paid.
Bill Lynch # 29 new Poctain hoe delivered from Vancouver to the bush near Clearwater. Bill Lynch # 29 loading canned goods North Vancouver.
Bill Lynch # 29 & #69 washed up at home and ready to roar!! Here's the hardest working guy I ever knew, Kim George bought this 4x4 cab over Freightliner and train set up of Bob Brown in the mid 70's. He hauled swinging beef from Calgary to Vancouver once a week every week for several year's. He would start unloading about Chilliwack and finish up in Vancouver. Over the year's he upgraded his equipment very nicely but what a back breaking job !!
Here's some picture of Lynch'S yard in Haney, Kenworth's, Freightliner's, International's,there's even a White Compact cabover thrown in for a good mix.
Here's the pride of the fleet again # 69, one if not the first VIT built at the Kenworth factory on Boundry Rd. in Burnaby. I only knew of one other truck with a KT-450 Cummins running around these parts at that time, pretty puny by to-day's standards. Here's Bill Lynch's first truck a 1953 K.W. Bullnose, NH 270, Mack transmissions, Veri and Claire Heibein had this truck after Bill and they hauled asphalt from loco to the Domtar roofing plant in Vancouver for quite some time, day and night shift. They lent it to us here for in town work, which it handled very nicely, got around in tight spot's really well. We called her "Old Dobbin"
Lynch's shop on Dewdeny Trunk Rd. Haney, if nothing else there was always a cold beer to be had around here. By 1977 we were operating Valley Heavy Haulers as well as Lynch Trucking, here we have a new 988 log loader for B.C. Forest Products at Harrison Lake, at the front of the truck is Sheldon Lehman, he's gone now but was a great guy to work with and a sense of humor that was second to none.
Here's another shot of the 988 at the pull out on hyway # 7 just before you drop down to the Harrison Lake Jct. K.W. 848 at the barge ramp at Harrison Lake, not sure if it was coming or going. Port Mann scales, we got turned around in Coquitlam on our way to Harrison Lake with a new American 35 log loader. Hit the pad at 79,000 on the driver's and that was it for the day. Hired a crane, pulled the counter weight and the stick to get it road ready, pay the fines and away we go, not sure how this all worked out moneywise but the job got done.
Brand new 1981 White Western Stars at Allard Contractors, Cummins 400's 13 spd's rigged out with new Knight transfer's and trailers. These truck's were tougher than anything I have ever driven, generally grossed out at 112,000 to 120,000 Ib's day in and day out 5 day's a week year round, after my 71/2 years in this puppy all it needed was one head gasket a water pump and when the trans was pulled to fIX an oil leak we figured a guy might as well throw a clutch in as well. When they sold it to an owner operator he asked me what I thought and I said you better hit them up for a couple of rear ends, Coast Transmission said they were wore right out and had lasted extremely well considering the application.
International 9300 Transtar, rented from Ryder we were hauling equipment up between Woss and Vernon camps when they were building the new hyway from Campbell River to Port Hardy. K.W. VIT 400 Cummins 15 spd. One of Kenny Harris's truck's leased to Zenith, Sheldon and I just north of Dease Lake on our way to Whitehorse with Kelly Douglas groceries. Ken ran 3 trucks each making a trip a week, 4 drivers,3 trips on one trip off. Here we are north of Dease Lake getting our door's blown off by an Irly Bird truck, these guy's ran from Surrey to Whitehorse and Dawson City with building supplies. They mostly ran 3408 Cat's and wern't shy about applying the throttle.
Here's the truck stop at Iskuit, a little south of Dease Lake. Southbound hyway # 37 loaded with asbestos from Cassiar, an Arrow truck heading north to Cassiar coming at us, the Arrow guy's ran steady between Cassiar and Stewart for year's but Cassiar is nothing but ghost's and brush now.
Here's my 1990 KW. T-450,3176 Cat 325, 13 spd. bought this truck new and paved for Jack Cewe mainly with the hand crew. Never made money like this with any other truck, but I just could not bear to live in the lower mainland any longer, so I sold out and moved on to new adventures.
Here's my 1995 KW. 900- L, big flat-top shack, 455 Cat 18 spd. this photo is at Bullmoose Mines out of Tumbler Ridge, I just finshed off loading dust control oil at the coal loading silo's. The electric train pulled gondola car's under these two huge silo's to load coal for Prince Rupert, they never stopped while loading, just crept forward filling car's and spraying the top's of the loads with the oil and water mixture then streaked for Rupert.
Just leaving the scale at Post Falls Idaho one fine winter morning east bound for Omaha Nebraska, loaded with water for Clearly Canadian, leased to Kootenay Dairy Transport Here I am all iced up at Casper Wyoming, freezing rain and wind so bad the truck ran in one lane on the interstate and the trailer followed in the opposite lane.
Stopped at a pull-out just south of Sheridan Wyoming. Pull out at North Platte Nebraska, now irs chinook time and mighty enjoyable at that. Unloading water for Clearly Canadian at International Bottling in Omaha Nebraska, 3 day's to get there 20 minute's to unload and we are hammer down for home empty !!
Southbound on hyway 97 between Doris and Weed California loaded with water for Clearly Canadian to be delivered to the 7 UP plant in Sacramento Cal. My 1995 K.W. with a milk trailer in the pull out between Christina Lake and Grand Forks. We did switch's with the guy's from Creston back to the cheese plant in Armstrong and Abbotsford.
My 1995 KW.900-L sitting at home all washed up, one winter the other summer. Here's one of Kootenay Dairy's workhorse's. This K.W. T-600 was so spartan inside it was almost cruel and unusual punishment to hit the road in this baby, picture at the Time and Place Pub Christina Lake.
Here's me and my partner all trained up in Saskatoon at the dairy. Dick Heddle drove the Freightliner FLD. and me in my K.W. The boss bought these trailer's from the dairy and we bob-tailed out there to buckle them together and bring em home. Here's my old bud Don Kvaas stanging by the 95 when he was up for a visit, he's one of the best excavator operator's around.
Here's my brand new 2000 K.W. 900-L, 550 Cat, 18 spd. was leased to Kootenay Dairy as well with this unit, also my 47 Merc coupe beside it.
Here's my 2000 Longnose with a milk tanker just out of Princeton, pretty new still.
Here's a couple of shot's of Val Pringle's oldies at his yard on the Douglas Lake Rd. in Westwold. He put's on a real classy show here every October with all his steam gear, mill, tractor's as well as his steam powered Marrion shovel. It's a big event with people coming from all over the Northwest to see it. Last but not least here's a picture of myself, about 1977 I think. I was driving for Bill Lynch Trucking at that time, almost seem's like yesterday. The hair is now grey and I think there is a little less clearance between my belt buckle and the steering wheel, but still given er!!

Got enough axle's Ill sneak away without a pilot car
Two winter's ago this "Driver" rolled into town here in Falkland with all gun's a blazing on the back box. He then right in the middle of town dropped it in a vacant lot pulled out and left the situation to the local volunteer fire department. Not many took them up on the offer of "Free Chip's"
Here are of some farmer logging I was a part of this spring on the Pringle Farm up the Douglas Lake Rd.
I was walking off a load of Hog Fuel at Tolko's co-gen plant in Armstrong

Heren is a load of new fir Rig-Mat's I delivered to a site out in the Toolie's just south of Revelstoke on September 23, 2013.
Here's a couple of pictures I took on October 24, 2013.
Hitachi 290 Log Loader demo on the bed, house down and ready to go.
Forestry to Farming

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Steve Babij

Born on June 29, 1965 and Died on March 13, 2017.

This photo is his old truck which he left to me.

My very good friend and neighbor was killed east of Revelstoke on the 13th of March.

Steve was on his way to Alberta for a load of straw and hit by an out of control westbound truck in his lane that took him out head on. Steve as well as his dog Zack were killed instantly.

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