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Here is a picture of a Hayes Clipper with integral sleeper when it was brand new. The photo was taken by Hayes Manufacturing.
My brother mentioned that he had noticed the white Hayes Clipper sleeper with “Enterprise Brewery Ltd” from Revelstoke. The brewery was owned by Gordon and Arnold Holdener. We both agree that this rig was first driven by our father, Paul Blais, who was employed by the brewery at that time. His run was to the coast and interior. My older brother who was very young and traveled with the old man then still remembers that Dad removed a shunt of some sort to give the rig more power. But when he was finished for the day replaced it, as he would have been reprimanded for his actions. Now this was many years ago and we are 60 and Dad is closing in on 87 so his accuracy may be off a tad. Thanks for nostalgia

Sincerely Adrian Blais
Here is a picture of the same Hayes Clipper and sister Hayes Clipper when they worked for Prairie Pacific Transport (Hunt Transport). The Hayes Clipper that Ross now owns, one of them pictured here, once belonged to Gerald Knopp. Gerald's daughter, Joan Lund, gave Ross a copy of this picture.
This is Ross Stevens' 1955 Hayes Clipper that he bought from Trevor Cameron in September 2004
Here are pictures of Ross' 1955 Hayes now, taken at the Duncan truck show in July 2006.

Fred Williston picked up this 1948 Trailmobile in November 2009 for a song, dug it out of the farm and then he broght it to me in Port Alberni

Here are some pictures of the same trailer after some restoration was done on the trailer.

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