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Pictures of Akron-Chicago Transportation and Motor Freight Express.
Akron-Chicago was based out of Akron, OH and was bought out by MFX based out of York, PA in the spring of 1968
    1970's Ford C9000 AKA "Big Henry"
Campbell 66 Diamond T. Rudy Starr Collection.
    In loving memory of our son, Danny.
February 28, 1980 - August 12, 2008
Yellow #84919 1984 Ford
Old Chicago neighborhood, 33rd & Springfield
Taken August 18, 1999
Taken at Polaroid on October 10, 2001
Oak Brook, IL
Yellow #18000 taken at Lansing, IL 1994 1994 White/Volvo taken at Ornaga, IL
At the Pennington Company at Bradley, Illinois

Night Hawk Freight Service
My friend, Dave Pavic, drove for Night Hawk Freight Service
Night Hawk Freight Service
Pete Waliberhs and Joe Raitano
Night Hawk Freight Service
Willie Headko and Joe Raitano
Night Hawk Freight Service
Nick Broderisks, Joe Raitano, Charlie Moffat, Skinny Bssineham
Night Hawk Freight Service
Hendrickson used Ford & International truck cabs, 1926 - 1985.
Night Hawk Freight Service
Night Hawk Freight Service
Joe Raitano
Night Hawk Freight Service
Pat Patterson and Joe Raitano
Night Hawk Freight Service
Hendrickson engine compartment

Mulivhille Bros. was the house truck for Central Steel & Wire at Chicago, Illinois
My friend, Fred M. Decker drove for Mulivhille Bros.

Thanks to Fred M. Decker. GMC on Western Ave. between Belmont & Diversey Ave in Chicago's North Side. Going south on Western Ave at Diversey Ave.
Taken at the Receiving Dock at Amtrak, 1800 South Lumber Street, Chicago, IL. Chicagoland Quad Cities Warehouse, 78 Ave, Bridgeview, IL
Stan is in line for pick ups at Traylek Warehouse, Bedford Park, IL. Copenhagen, CT Franklin Park, IL
A&B Freight Lines at Hi Temp Inc., North Lake, IL Very rare team tractor for Yellow CGB. Yellow used more conventional units.
Here are some photos of my Father and his truck from July 17, 1957. One day he came home for lunch and we took some photos of the trucks. At the time he drove for Hinchcliff Motor Service (later sold to Clairmont Transfer). I believe the truck is a 1947 White Super Power with a trailer about the same age. The trailer was a round nose Fruehauf Flyer.

In Memory of Tom Moody
A friend to many

February 17, 1939 - July 11, 2015

Taken two weeks before leaving a 44 year career to retirement with a 2007 Volvo

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