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Carson Truck Lines Ltd. & Motorways Ltd.

Carson Truck Lines Ltd.

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Carson driver John Yeomans Carson driver Bunk Seldan Carson driver Alf Carter
Carson driver John Percival Carson driver Bill Whitlock Carson driver Jack Parminter
Carson driver George Nishiama Carson driver Jim Nishiama Carson driver John Skinner
Carson driver Jim Harris Carson driver Manny England Carson driver Frank Allen
Carson driver Bob Hurley A pair of Carson Truck Lines' Reo trucks. A Carson Truck Lines International with a canvas covered trailer taken in April 1960.
Carson Truck Lines Kenworth with a small load of pipes over the rear trailer axle. Carson's Kenworth and a Freightliner stopped at an Esso station. Location is unknown. One of Carson's terminals.
A Motorways Ltd. Ford found that the shoulder wasn't wide enough.
Carson Motorways Ford with a Chapmans Freight Lines trailer in the back ground. Motorways doubles.
Some photos of a Motorways Ltd. Western Star with a set of doubles.
Two shots of a Motorways White Western Star. Another Motorways Western Star.
Three shots of a Motorways White Western Star taken at the same terminal.
Motorways International Fleetstar. Motorways Western Star with Hi-Tech trailer. Direct System trailer.

Load of hanging pork moving the trailer with the rear doors open at Fletcher's. Motorways trailer (1977). The doors were NOT to be opened before the trailer was inline to the unloading dock.

The photo on the right shows that another Motorways trailer had to be backed up to the side of the trailer to right up the sides of the trailer so it could be unloaded safely. Taken in Vancouver at Fletcher's in 1977.

White Pass & Yukon Kenworth

Here is some information that was sent to me from Robert Archer.

Motorways High-Tech Express is a subsidiary of the TRI-WHITE Corp who also own TRI LINE and the White Pass & Yukon Railway.High Tech is the remaining company that started life as "Hill the Mover" in Hamilton Ont. before 1900.

Motorways bought it as a Moving and Storage business.Motorways was bought by Federal Industries of Winnipeg and run as their Western Canadian trucking division. They had a smallish operation in Ontario and into Montreal. To expand this they then bought Direct Winters, who had a larger Ontario operation, from INTERSTATE SYSTEM.

Federal fell on hard times and closed or sold all their trucking divsions except for High Tech and TriLine which were both profitable. Federal was a true comglomerate owning diverse buinesses.

There was a shareholders revolt and the company was split in 2, the trucking and railway being spun off to Tri White and the balance becoming Russel Metals, as they had bought many steel distributors, the largest being Russel Steel. The corporate offices of both Tri White and Russel are in Mississauga. There is no Winnipeg presence at all.

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