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Chapmans Freight Lines
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Here is a picture of Chapmans fleet in the early days. The sign says, "The Chapman Barn, motor trucks for hauling, cars for hire." A 1940's Chev truck that Chapmans had. This was from an ad. 1922 GMC that was used by Chapmans. The sign on the truck is indicating that Chapmans was started in 1919.
A late 50's or early 60's Kenworth. This picture shows the long wheelbase on this Hayes conventional. Here is a photo of the Chapmans Freight Lines Kelowna terminal.
This picture shows some of Chapmans International trucks and trailers. Here is another photo of Chapmans Kelowna, BC terminal. Chapmans Freight Lines Freightliner.
Chapmans Kenworth conventional. Chapmans Kenworth cabover with Skaha Lake in the background. This picture shows a Hayes cabover truck and trailer and an International tractor trailer.
Chapmans Hayes pulling a canvas top trailer. Chapmans Kenworth cabover taken at their Kelowna terminal. Chapmans mixture of city P&D trucks.
Chapmans 1946 International used for moving boxcars around for loading and unloading. Chapmans was an agent for Allied Van Lines. Here is a GMC pulling an Allied Van Lines trailer. This picture shows some of the variety of trucks that Chapmans used. From left to right, Hayes conventional, Freightliner cabover and Kenworth conventional.
Chapmans terminal. Chapmans International 2-story. One of Chapmans Kenworths with a load.
A shot of one of Chapmans' Hayes rigs. Chapmans Kenworth cabover. Chapmans also hauled logs. Here is a Kenworth and a Mack loaded with logs.
Another Chapmans Kenworth cabovers. Here is a pair of Chapmans' Kenworths. The trailer in the foreground shows a logo that Chapmans later used.
Rubin Redumski "Alaska Slim," put his Hayes in the Similkameen River near Princeton, BC in July 1963. A long shot of one of Chapmans' trailer.
Chapmans Freight Lines White with the new logo on the door of the tractor and a modified logo on the trailer. A lineup of Chapmans' Macks.
A mixture of Chapmans and Carson Motorways tractors. Chapmans Freight Lines International chaining up at the Hope Slide in January 1972. Some new Internationals for Chapmans Transport.
Chapmans terminal showing the new colors that Chapmans adopted when they became Chapmans Transport. A Chapmans Freightliner transferring a load to or from a airplane. Chapmans White with a loaded lowbed.
Chapmans Freightliner with a combo trailer. A Chapmans Mack truck with a load of pipe.
Chapmans fork lift. Chapmans White with a bulk tanker. Chapmans International with a covered ore trailer.
Multiple shots of Chapmans International Fleetstars.
An ad for Chapmans Transport.
A lineup of Chapmans Mack cabovers. Chapman’s International Transtar Bruce Shantz driver taken at Pauline’s Shell at Cache Creek by Sherry Robillard, who worked for Pauline and started taking pictures of the regulars and their trucks.
Sadly Sherry was killed in an accident in a Corvette near 20 Mile 1973.
Chapmans International Transtar.
A lineup of Mack cabovers. A Hayes cabover and a line of Chapmans GMC P&D trucks.

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