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The next 10 pictures show the sequence of building Lindquist's unit #8. These pictures were taken at the Burnaby Freightliner plant in 1988
Lindquist Trucking Freightliner unit #8, taken at the Duncan weigh scale on Vancouver Island in 1989.
Lindquist Trucking 1981 Freightliner power with a Cummins KT450 15 speed . Lindquist Trucking 1983 Freightliner very rare slant back, 3408 Cat. Lindquist Trucking 1986 Freightliner Cummins 475 twin turbo, bought new and still in service.
Lindquist Trucking 1975 Freightliner bought brand new, this is in the winter of 1985. Same Freightliner taken in the summer of 1986 all restified. Same Lindquist Freightliner taken on Vancouver Island.
Central Cedar 1978 Peterbilt 359 bought new, 3406A 380hp 15 speed still in service. Lindquist Trucking Freightliner #3 and Central Cedar #5 fueling at Ken Browns in the summer of 1985.
Lindquist Unit #3 was an ex- Trimac. This truck was bought new by Robin Falcer and did all the Texaco work on Vancouver Island. Freightliner`s big power trademark.....twin air and transmission cooler. Lindquist's unit #4, brand new, before being converted to a straight truck & 3 axle pup. Lindquist's Unit #4 at Seaboard in North Vancouver, BC.
Lindquist's Unit #8, factory fresh, at Allwood Industries, Langley BC. Lindquist's 1976 Freightliner KT 450. One of the first with big Cummins power, parted out in `89. This photo was taken at Seaboard in North Vancouver, BC. Lindquist's 1987 Freightliner 3406B 425hp still going!
Lindquist's 1980 Peterbilt 352H CAT 3408 15 speed 48000 lb Eatons. The only one that Steve knows of still working around here (BC). This photo was taken at Boston Bar, BC. Sticker on the Peterbilt. BIG POWER!! Lindquist's 1980 Peterbilt 352H taken at Hammond Sawmill.
Lindquist's Peterbilt #18. Lindquist's Peterbilt 352H with a set of Magnum trailers. This is the first trip with the brand new Magnum Super B`s. Lindquist's Peterbilt showing a bit of age after 22 years.
Lindquist's 1997 Freightliner CAT 3406E 550hp. Lindquist has three Freightliner Classics, units # 24,25 & 26 are identical triplets.
Lindquist's #25 1997 Freightliner CAT 3406E 550hp. Lindquist's #25 at the eastbound Port Mann Scale. Another photo of Lindquist's #25 taken at a mall parking lot.
Here are some shots of hauling a load of shotcrete up to the dam in Strathcona Provicial Park.
Lindquist Freightliner #3 at one of the Coquihalla Highway brake checks. Lindquist Freightliner #101, The last factory built COE with a 3408, 5-speed A box, 4speed B box one shifter as the auxillary was air shifted. Rockwell 44000lb rears with Detroit lockers. Ex-Arrow heavy haul, this truck is still in service. Lindquist Peterbilt #18 taken at Boston Bar, BC.
Rear shot of Magnum Super-B trailers. Rear shot of another set of Lindquist's trailers. This shot was taken at BC Rail in North Vancouver.
Lindquist Freightliner #6 with a Cummins twin turbo 475hp taken at Terrace, BC. Lindquist Freightliner #8 short cut. Lindquist Freightliner #25 with a load of Ainsworth
Lindquist Freightliner #6. Lindquist Freightliner #10 at Truxpo. Lindquist Freightliner in Oregon.
Lindquist Freightliner #6 on the Coquihalla Highway. The bear that is seen entering the snow sheds on the Coquihalla Highway.
Coquihalla Highway snow shed. Lindquist Freightliner unit # 8 with a load of western red cedar from McMillan Bloedel`s Somas division in Port Alberni east bound through Cathedral Grove, Vancouver Island heading for the ferry terminal at Duke Point. Unit # 6 delivered all the pre rolled steel for the tanks that sit behind the east bound Kamloops scale.
Truck # 7 was a 1980 freightliner Cat 3408 15 speed 46000 lb eatons with 3:90`s. Purchased from Jim Hagen in 1986 this truck worked for another ten years before throwing a rod thru the drivers side of the block. Unit # 7 firing on a cold winter morning. Unit # 7 retired spring of `97 Brake saver seal let go and the motor ran low on oil and kicked a rod out of the left side of the block.

Nice pictures courtesy of the Provincial Government. May 23 2001 east bound on Brunette Avenue. There are no pre-warning lights here. Moving at 43 kmh the light was yellow for 0.83 seconds and red for 1.3. I think the yellow could be a little longer. Steve's favourite light. June 12th 2001 east bound 53 kmh the yellow was 0.67 seconds and red for 1.5, maybe the smoke will hide the plate.....
A little note from Hank:
I can see not being able to stop on a dime with a load of lumber like that, but in each of the pictures there is a small vehicle also going through the same red light.
Lindquist units # 8 & # 4 delivering a couple of loads to Whistler BC. This was taken up in the Kennedy Lake area close to Ucluelet, BC. Steve would usually spin out going in and he would wait usually for a big Pacific or Hayes off road logger to push him up this one nasty hill and then also keep from getting lost!
This was in Williams lake, #9 in the background was a plain jane lot truck actually spec`d for CDI but for twelve years she ran and ran, original tranny and rearends etc, and then a bit of ice and all finished as the next picture tells the rest of the story......

Steve worked for Sauder Transport from 1989 - 1990
Sauder Transport fleet. "The Three Amigo's" Sauder Freightliner #609 taken at Port Alberni, BC.
Sauder Freightliner with a Magnum B-Train set. Sauder Freightliner #609 taken at Lumby, BC. Sauder Freightliner #609 taken at Sydney, BC on Vancouver Island.
Sauder Kenworth Aerodyne. Un touched Sauder Freightliner #609.
Sauder Peterbilt #59. Sauder Peterbilt #69 hauling for Interfor. Sauder Freightliner #77 taken at Chilliwack, BC.
Inside a cab of one of the Sauder trucks at Seattle heading north on I-5. Sauder Oregon train. Sauder trucks at Hawk's Prairie.
Sauder Freightliner # 609 playing in the snow on the Coquihalla with a Super-B winter of 89/90. North bound I-5 just north of Sacremento, CA. Window Peeker is a 1977 Kenworth W900 running a Cummins 475 hp twin turbo, with an 18 speed 44000 Rockwells.

March 21, 2009 - After not running or turning a wheel for 4 years, not to bad!

I am making her road worthy and will attend the ATHS show in either Washington or Oregon this summer.
She fired right up today going to change all the fluids and water hoses, polish the wheels scrub the paint and go!!

Looked at the build info in the glove compartment and she was one color white! No stripes, not sure yet what color to do her but I will paint her....the Peterbilt paint code is 7707A.

Coming home after Big Rig weekend in Chilliwack B.C. July 2009
Coming home after Big Rig weekend in Chilliwack B.C. July 2009 The big CAT purrs like a little kitten!

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