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This is "The Mrs" summer (good weather) toy. I can ride in it, only if I don't talk. "The Hayes Hotel" with guests.
1952 HD Hayes MOD 30-70
1957 Chev
1969 M-123 AIC CONDEC tank retriever (ex US Army)
1972 HD Hayes MOD 31-56
1952 LMSWL Mack - Elk River Timber #7
I ended up trading this truck to Hayes Forest Co. for a V-12 GM We call this the SUV. "The Mrs" likes to drive it at the Duncan Truck Show and parades. She took it 6x6ing in the fall and went mowing down shrubs and little trees and took out some frustration outside town so nobody would see. It sure looked neat! 1969 Consolidate Diesel Electric (CONDEC) M-123-AIC 10 Ton Tank Retriever. Bought at Fort Lewis from sealed bid auction in January 9, 2000.
V8 - 903 Cummins Engine 300 HP
65000 LB Mack Rear Ends
Mack Triple Reduction front diff
1400x24 tires
Top speed 38 mph - will do 45 though
5 speed main
2 speed - Hi-Low Aux
This is Ross Stevens' 1955 Hayes Clipper that he bought from Trevor Cameron in September 2004

This is a proper HD--WHD----HDX dash, you will see there is two different styles here.
One is for an HD with the two trans oil temp guages beside the tach one on top of the other and the other dash is for an HDX with the Allison Auto trans because it has the trans oil press as well as the trans oil temp where the HD dash has trans /main and aux oil temp as well as the water tank air pressure (top left corner of dash) and the two air cleaner restriction guages (bottom right side of dash bolted underneath)

Another Hayes truck rescued by the Hayes Orphan Association
1966 Clipper with V8 GM and 5 &4 transmission

Recently (November 2009) Steve Drybrough & Jim Falconer purchased this former Kwikasair Hayes Clipper Cabover.

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