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My father worked for Red Owl for 20 years up until the sale in 1989, Red Owl was a grocery outfit in the upper Midwest (ND, MN, WI) mainly with warehouses in Fargo ND, Green Bay WI, and Main headquarters in Hopkins MN(Minneapolis). The company was bought out in 1989 by Supervalu. The following photos are just some of my growing Red Owl collection.
Red Owl pup trailer found at local Ice Co in Fargo ND (1990) Picture of the Red Owl fleet at Fargo warehouse (early 80's) The Red Owl fleet 2 yrs before sale of co, all trucks are Ruan rentals. (1988).
Two 45 foot trailers, this practice is still common in ND.(mid 80's) Red Owl trailers at Supervalu after co sale.(1990). The passenger side of trailer. (1990).
Driver's side of trailer notice the separate mounted heater. (1990). Old 1940's-1960's trailer found at a construction co yard in Fargo ND no matter how much paint they sprayed the Owl is still noticeable. (1991). Side view of old Owl trailer. (1991).
Price Rebel was the Companies slogan in 1976-1979, This trailer was done up for the bi-centennial, my great uncle is in the cab.(1976). The Meat People was an old slogan the Co used in the early 70's. (early 70's). Pic of same pup trailer at the Fargo Ice Co, The tractor is from another old co called Twin City Freight, this Company went out of business about the same time Red Owl did.(1990).
My father took this photo, this photo is of a brand new trailer with new Owl logo, notice the trailer next to it has the old scheme it was the owl head on the rear of the trailer with just a thin red stripe no RED OWL FOODS on it, the other old scheme was the same as the thin red stripe but added a thin blue strip below the red one so the stripes were red white and blue, also for the bi-centennial sorry no photo of those trailers. (1985).

Supervalu pic in Fargo ND. (1993). Supervalu pup trailer in Fargo ND.(1993). New Supervalu Macks in Fargo ND notice the old ford in the background has the old paint scheme.(1993).
Supervalu Pete with old paint scheme. (1987). Supervalu two 45 foot trailers in Fargo ND again common practice in ND. (1987). Pic of the Supervalu warehouse in Fargo ND. (1989)

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