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Sometimes we are priviledged enough to meet up with other people at a truck show or just for coffee, who have been contributing pictures to Hank's Truck Pictures or Hank's Truck Forum over the years. And sometimes you just might get to meet a celebrity.

Just recently I was asked to place a picture of a gathering of people from Hank's Truck Forum on to my Truck Shows web page. Then I thought that I have been taking some pictures as well of meeting with people I have communicated with via email and finally met at a truck show. So here are pictures from some of those shows. My apologies for not thinking about taking a picture or getting a picture taken with some of the others I have met at the truck shows I have attended. From now on I think I will make a habit of it.

So if anyone of you out there meet up with anyone from Hank's Truck Pictures or Hank's Truck Forum, take a picture and send it to me and I will post it on this page. I think it's great when we can get together and talk face to face instead of just through emails all the time.

It was my priviledge to meet Stan Holtzman at two different truck shows.
Stan Holtzman, famous for his books and truck photography, posing by a 1946 Peterbilt owned by Lawrence Cumpton from Red Bluff, CA. Stan Holtzman and Ken Harris standing by the "Duel" Peterbilt tanker Joe Mustang standing in front of the truck that he made famous.
This 1957 Mack model H cabover now is owned by Dan Thomas from Medford, OR
I was priviledged to finally meet Kim Loeb from Denmark at the Duncan truck show in July 2005. Here we are posed in front of Steve Drybrough's 1972 Hayes HD. Rick Sousa, Bill McCullough and Hank Suderman posing for a picture at the ATHS National Truck Show in Colorado Springs, June 2007 Ryan Pedrone "Plow King" standing in front of the 1959 Oshkosh snow plow at the Brooks, OR truck show August 2007
Bobbie Hurley (Jim Hurley's wife) was kind enough to take this photo of some Hank's Forum members at the Mack Show at Gerharts! Thanks Bobbie!

From Left To Right:
Gary A. Smith, John L. Becker, Jim Hurley, Charlie Danko

Charlie Danko and Terry Wilson in Genesee Depot Wisconsin at a road side cafe next to busy Hwy 83 Jan Asle Sele and Terry Wilson at the Pine Cone Truck Stop at Johnson Creek, WI

Back in March 2006, Guildo Wolfs and his wife Monique came to Canada. Guido was thinking of looking for work driving truck in Canada, so he wanted to scoop out the situation. Guido's first stop was to come and visit us for a couple of days. We had a good time visiting and showing them around. This picture was taken at "The Overpass" where I spend many of my lunch breaks.

In November 2007 I went to Pittsburgh, PA for a work-related conference. Well planning ahead I decided to contact Paul Kane, who works in Pittsburgh, to let him know I would be there and wanted to get together. So we arranged to meet during one of his lunch breaks. We walked around Pittsburgh and Paul showed me many of his locations where he would shoot truck pictures on his lunch break.

It was a day or so later that Paul told me that he had been in contact with Doug McKenzie and was hoping that Doug would be driving through Pennsylvania or Ohio on Saturday of the week I was there. Saturday happened to be a free day for me. As it turned out Doug would be driving north on his way back to Canada. So Paul arranged with Doug to meet us at a McDonald's restaurant at Mercer, Pennsylvania.

Doug leaning out of his cab to talk to Paul Kane and Hank Suderman Paul (left) and Doug (right) standing next to Doug's Freightliner Hank (left), Doug (center) and Paul (right) posing for a picture for the web site.

Got to meet Mike Boyd at the T/A Travel Center in Strafford, MO. and shot these two picture of him cleaning the windshield. 12-20-07. Photos by Jim Steele This is Rick Sousa & Charles Danko at the 2008 Englishtown show.
Here is one for the members meet section on the main site. An intrepid bunch of Hanks Forum members braving the rain & mud at the Macungie PA show on 6-20-09. From left to right are Greg E, John L. Becker, Gary Morton, Yellow Line (Chris Sissick), Charlie, Norseman (Jan), Thaddeus W, Chris E and Gary Smith. Thank you Charlie Danko for sending the picture.
These next shots were taken at the 2010 ATHS National Convention at Pleasanton, California on May 29, 2010
(Left -> Right)
Ryan Dorius, Jeremy Kimpton, Brandon Beckstead, Ian William, Hank Suderman
(Front L-R)
Jim Donahoe (Jungle Jim), Chris Hall,Ian William, Mike Beasley, Ryan Pedone
(Rear L-R) Neils Jansen, Ken Dubuc, Hank Suderman

Here’s a photo OL’TC (Bob McCombs) sent me from his camera of Hank’s members at the Macungie ATCA show on 6-19-10.

Bottom Row (Left to Right): John L. Becker, Soapman, Doug Grieve, Gary Smith, Granitefan713, Aaron from PA&NC, OL’TC (Bob McCombs)

2nd Row (L to R): Jim Herriott, Rich Reinhart, Charlie, US Mail Guy (Gary Morton), Chris_E

3rd Row (L to R): Unknown oldtimer just resting…………………..The Yellow Line (Chris Sissick), Greg_E.

Hank Suderman and Kevin Duddy looking at pictures to put on the site. Taken at the 2010 BC Big Rig Show & Shine Show

Chris finally meets Hank Suderman on June 12, 2011 On June 12, 2011 Chris and Hank finally meet face to face. Here they are in front of the George Washington Bridge on the New Jersey side.
Chris finally meets Hank Suderman on June 12, 2011

Here is the 2011 picture taken at Macungie at our Meet & Greet.

Row 1: Doug Grieve, Bob McCombs (OL'TC), Jim Herriot, George Wilcox (Bystander)
Row 2: Granitefan713, Soapman, Charlie Danko, Greg Elgart (Greg_E), Chris_E, Chris Sissick (Yellow Line)
Row 3: John Becker (John L. Becker), Jay Lau, Rich Reinhart, Gary Morton (US MAIL GUY), Paul Kane, Gary Smith
Top Row: Hank Suderman

Chris finally meets Hank Suderman on June 12, 2011 Last week on August 4, 2011, Chris Sissick met Dave Faust around midnight in North Reading, Ma after Chris did his drop & hook.
2011 Macungie Truck Show Meet & Greet 2012 Macungie Truck Show Get-Together

Bottom step............Brockway
Step 2.....................The Yellow Line
Step 3.....................Doug Grieve, jimh721, soapman
Step 5.....................Doug Mckenzie, Jay Lau
Step 6....................Gary Smith
Top step................Charlie, granitefan713, Chris_E, US MAIL GUY, Greg_E
T. Brad Dunkin and Hank finally meet face-to-face in 2013. On January 5, 2013 T. Brad Dunkin and Hank Suderman got to meet face-to-face in Vancouver, BC. Brad came west to visit his daughter and while in Vancouver he called Hank and they arranged a time to get together and visit for a while.
T. Brad Dunkin and Hank finally meet face-to-face in 2013.

On June 1, 2013 the the ATHS National Truck Show at Yakima, WA

Mike Beesley, Jan Asle Sele (Norseman), Ryan Dorius, Rob Groot (RobG), Hank Suderman, Rick Sousa (kneeling), Chris Hall, Harm Speerstra, Hank Rabe (hanky), Huntley Smith (from Lytton, BC), Andy Jenkins (squirt359).

T. Brad Dunkin and Hank finally meet face-to-face in 2013.

Here's the group shot from the 2013 Macungie, PA Truck Show. Hope all of you had a good time and enjoyed the show.......nice seeing old friends again and meeting new ones too.

Bottom Row (left to right) US MAIL GUY (Gary Morton), Jay Lau, Soapman (Ivory Moseley), Charlie, Doug Grieve

Middle Row.......Chris_E, Harry Patterson, Doug McKenzie, Paul Kane

Top Row...........Granitefan713 (Dave Balko), R766ST (Ray Ellis), Gary Smith, The Yellow Line (Chris Sissick), John L. Becker

Missing was Rich Reinhart who was here then suddenly disappeared. Also CFT030570 (Chuck Hackett) got held up by his truck and I know someone saw Trucker Al walking around too.

Chris Sissick and Jay Lau met on August 17th, 2013 near Cumberland, RI to discuss upcoming model projects.
Heavy Haul Consultant Bob Perry poses before a 650,000 ton transformer is moved in Wycoff, NJ.
On April 11, 2014 Richard Mohr took a train from Kempsey to Sydney to come a visit with Hank while he and his wife were in Austalia.

Forum members at the Gerhart's Mack Show--Lititz PA 10-4-14

Left to Right--John Becker-Gary Smith-Charlie Danko-Walter Bache and Tom Bache(my nephew who is parts manager for the Peterbilt dealer in Bartonsville PA)

Peterbilt 75th Anniversary Truck Show at Stockton, CA
October 24-25, 2014
Jim Bryant and Hank Jim Bryant and Hank Jim Bryant and Hank
Shortly after arriving at the show on Friday, who should appear but Tim Ahlborn ( Mackinac359 ). A short time later, also on Friday, I met up with Jim Bryant ( Jimmy B ). On Saturday morning I met up with Jim Bryant again along with Ryan Pedone ( Plow Chaser ).
Hankster Group 1 Hankster Group 1
Left -> Right:
Jimmy B, Red Stapler, Norseman, ??, ??, Ryan Dorius, ??

Left -> Right:
Jimmy B, RedStapler, Norseman, Hank, ??, Ryan Dorius, ??

I need some help putting the correct names with the people here. If you can help, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

Hank got to attend MATS 2015
Hank and his wife, Virginia, had lunch on Friday with Bill Banks and Richard Coash while we were at MATS. Thanks for lunch, Bill. On Saturday, Stan Houghton came by and played tour guide and showed us a lot of trucking terminals and rail picture opportunities in Louisville. Thanks for a great time, Stan.

The meeting of the Hanks..

Hank Good (Highway Hilton 2) was at MATS and Hank Suderman gets to meet the "other" Hank in person. It turns out the Hank Good gets confused with Hank Sudermand and the reverse as well. It was good getting to meet you Hank.

I got to meet up with Bill Dawson
while at the Plymouth Truck Show, put on by the Central California Chapter of the ATHS Truck Show at Plymouth, California in April 2015.
Jim Bryant with Bruce Thomas' 1952 Diamond T 950, also taken at the Plymouth Truck Show in April 2015
This year we tried a Fun House type of photo.
Jim Bryant (L), Ryan Pedone (C), Hank Suderman (R)
Aaron Kitahara (D50) and Jim Bryant taking a break during the 2016 ATHS National Truck Show Chris Sissick and Gary Morton at the 2016 Macungie Truck Show. Photo by John Kilmer. (L -> R) Chris_E, Soapman, Brockway, Charlie, John L. Becker, Greg_E (orange shirt), Gary Smith at the 2016 Macungie Truck Show. Photo by John Kilmer.

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