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Baltimore-New York Express Mack R Model. Location unknown Smith Transfer's main terminal at Verona/Staunton, VA Walter Rickett at a truck rodeo at North Bergen, NJ. Those are APA trucks in the background.
APA Mack MB during the truck rodeo at North Bergen, NJ APA #2122 Mack R Model taken at the Red Roof Motel at Richfield, Ohio Mack COE with logos for Spector-Mid States. That is Walter's wife, Mary in the seat.
Spector-Mid States yard on County Road at Secaucus, NJ. This terminal originally belonged to Pyramid Motor Freight Local 617 job. Walter Rickett around 1965. Sip Avenue, Jersey City "C" Model Mack. The Mack was sold to Wooster in 1971. Dorn's Transportation Brockway, later sold to Oneida Freight. That is Grampa Rickett and Aunt Ellen Rickett beside the truck.

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