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Many of these pictures are of trucks that belonged to Steve's Father while he hauled hay in the Imperial Valley in Southern California.

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Here are a couple of views of a 50's Peterbilt "Bubblenose" cabover that was used for hauling hay.
This is from the collection of Steve Wickens.
Here are a couple of views of a 40's International KB8 that was used for hauling hay.
This is from the collection of Steve Wickens.
Here is another picture of an 40's International KB8 hauling a load of grain sacks.
This is from the collection of Steve Wickens.
Here are some views of a 60's Kenworth cabover that was used for hauling hay.
These are from the collection of Steve Wickens.
This is #61, a Kenworth, with alfalfa pellet trailers on Highway 78 between Brawley and Blythe,CA in the mid 60's. Kenworth pellet rig with Steve's Dad standing behind the tractor. Another view of the Kenworth pellet rig.

Some pictures of Inman Freightlines trucks, from the collection of Steve Wickens.
Tom Inman was a produce hauler out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, which started in the fifties and went out in the early 80's.
Tom Inman beside 311 at new terminal in Tulsa mid 60's. Inman Freightlines Taken at Tulsa #10 with a 335 Cummins for power Tom Inman Freightlines. Another one of Inman Freightlines' Freightliners. L.D.Tripp in background
Two Inman Freightliners at Kingman Arizona early 60's. Here is the same rig loading at Dardanelle, AZ. Jerry Inman's #5 1693ta Cat 1973 Peterbilt in Lemon Grove, CA, near San Diego.
An early 70's Peterbilts with 1693TA Cat engines. Here is Roy Inman by his mid 60's White Freightliner, American trailer Here is Tom Inman Peterbilt with a Detroit Diesel early 60's 38ft. Trailmobile taken in Tulsa, OK.
Here are four new White Freightliners with 335 Cummins mid to late 60's. Tom Inman 1970 Peterbilt 350 Cummins 4x4 transmission taken in Tulsa, OK. nov. '73 at Standard Truck Stop Ronny Ratliff standing beside truck. 1975 Peterbilt 3406 Cat taken at Tom Inman Terminal Tulsa, OK. Trailer is 45' Utility
#22 Tom Inman Freightliner in Tulsa,OK. where Peterbilt Dealer is located presently. Two Tom Inman Peterbilts in Tulsa December 1968 both had 335 Cummins with 4x4 trans.  

A 56 Pete with a 200 Cummins and a 5x3 trans. The photo was taken in front of our house in Lemon Grove, CA. March of 1956 Truck #55, a Peterbilt "Bubblenose" in Lemon Grove. Note, no electric turn signals yet. This is Buddy Rogers in 1959 when these KW's were new. They had 220 Cummins and 12 speed Spicers. This was taken along U.S. 80 east of San Diego at Bankhead Springs, CA.
50's GMC loaded by Dick Burkett on Doug Neill's yard in El Cajon This was taken on Doug Neill's yard in El Cajon, CA. 50's GMC truck and trailer 50's GMC taken in El Cajon, CA. on Imperial Hay Growers lot. Dick Burkett standing by truck.
Early 50's International belonged to Imperial Hay Growers taken on their El Cajon yard. Note the front mount stack. I believe that is a 4 banger Jimmy next to it. My uncle John Wickens standing next to this high binder in El Cajon early 50's
John Wickens '46 K-8 International in San Diego off Imperial Ave. Harrison & Riedy '38 Autocar in San Diego loaded with beet pulp from Dyer, CA. Jim Wickens with '38 Autocar in San Diego. Harrison & Riedy Grain Co.
John Wickens '46 K8 International loaded with alfalfa hay off box cars that came over from Imperial Valley John Wickens K8 in San Diego 1946 Jim Wickens loading hay in Imperial valley 1955 no info. on who the "swamper" is.
Peyton Fords' hay loader taken at Curlys truck stop El Centro, CA. December 1960 Imperial Hay Growers '56 Peterbilt on old U.S. 80 atop Mtn. Springs grade October 1957 power 200 Cummins & 5x3 trans Two 1959 Kenworths of Imperial Hay's on Hwy 78 near Scissors Crossing. California

87 KW 3406 Cat 15 speed leased to David Beneux Trucking Mulberry, AR. Picture taken on old 66 between Barstow and Needles,CA. This is E.B.Watkins of Bixby,OK. White Freightliner 262 Cummins 12 speed Spicer 40ft. Hobbs trailer taken in L.A. area I presume. By Stan Holtzman Dairyman's League of San Diego Mack milk tanks near San Ysidro, CA. mid 70's
I found this on eBay. It is one of my Uncle's trucks, Tom Inman, and was taken in Nogales,AZ. The truck is an early 70's Pete w/ Cat 1693 TA the driver of this was Wayne Whitehurst. This is one of first Peterbilt's with the 1693 Cat engine. This is Tom Inman w/ his #6 Peterbilt powered by a Detroit diesel. The trailer is a 38' Trailmobile. The photo was taken in the early 60's at the Trenton St. produce market Tulsa, OK. This is coming underneath I-40 just east of Tucumcari N.Mex going to load cows. note the road has been bladed for a tight fit under the highway. Photo courtesy of Larry Fulgham.
White Freightliner of Tom Inman
looks to be 1967 on the Okla. tag.
A rare Mack for Tom Inman powered by a 335 Cummins taken in Nogales, AZ. probably 69 or 70 Driver was Clyde Haney
Ed Erro a hay hauler from Bakersfield no info on the truck, purchased it on EBay Lamaison of La Puente, CA. this was taken in Whittier,CA. at the old Zimmers Truck Stop
Willis Shaw Elm Springs, Arkansas a 1964 White Freightliner with a 220 Cummins and 15 speed overdrive
photo taken in 1964. Butch Pershall pictured is 19 yrs. old running second seat to Jerry Couch.
Willis Shaw 1967 White Freightliner with a 318 Detroit and 15 overdrive. Photo is taken in 1968. Butch is finally legal age (21).

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